The Mediator

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by Charlie Wolcott

As I wrote last week’s post on the Hegelian Dialectic process, I had an epiphany. I need to take a short detour to examine the role of the facilitator of this process which has swept away the foundations of our nation and our culture. This facilitator is hired and trained by those seeking power to not only create the division in the first place but to agitate any division already there and then to play the hero in negotiating the peace. In other words, the one who is going to present themselves as the hero in the conflicts is the very villain who created them.

The formal job of said facilitator is to be a mediator, or a negotiator. As I wrote my blog post for last week, I was thinking about this role and it hit me: the mediator, the true Mediator, is Jesus Christ. The only one who could create peace between God and man is Jesus Christ. God and man are irreconcilable apart from Jesus, the Creator Himself, coming as a man to die on the cross. We need to understand this about the Gospel. Man is at war with God. Sin is not a mistake. Sin is not a mere barrier that prevents our “blessings” from coming to us. Sin is direct defiance against the Holy God. There is nothing man can do to make up for this, except to die and join the demons in hell in everlasting punishment. God is so holy, so pure, and so righteous that He will punish sin and smite it once and for all. If we are associated with sin when that day comes, we go with it. Jesus, however, came to negotiate peace.

The facilitator of the Hegelian Dialectic does a similar job at the surface. His job is to take two sides who are diametrically opposed to each other and to which no peace can seem to be had, and to get them to make peace. He often succeeds too. Peace is achieved. The fighting ends. However, there is a vast difference between the approaches of Jesus and the facilitator, and a vast difference in the outcomes as well.

As I shared last week, the facilitator’s job is to appeal to emotions and use peer pressure and feelings to get people to play around with different ideas based on how they feel. As the sinful, selfish, natural self will appeal emotionally to whatever feels good at the moment at the expense of what is true and needs to be done, the negotiation will always lean away from factual truths that remain throughout time, and lean towards the “progressive” ideas which lets sin rule unrestrained. Jesus doesn’t do this. Jesus lays out the facts and never appeals to emotion. You never hear Jesus asking: “How do you feel about this?” when dealing with doctrinal issues or the things of God. He wasn’t emotionless, but emotions weren’t the basis for how He made His decisions or how He dealt with people. Jesus based His claims on the facts, and He did not mince words about what they were and what reality was.

The facilitator and the group he’s with work behinds the scenes to create division or magnify what division is already there. They seek to create a problem that gets so bad that it takes someone – like them – to solve it. Once their “solution” is achieved, they will cease creating the problems, thus problem is solved. Again, the key here is to create division from the start. Jesus, however, was different. He didn’t create the problems man has; man did. Jesus wasn’t working behind the scenes to create the problem that He would be the savior to fix. No, He came to be the solution for man’s problem that man created.

The facilitator seeks to create “peace” between all groups at the expense of truth. Remember, his job is about emotions and feelings, not facts. Through peer pressure and emotional appeal, the facilitator brings a nominal peace that is ultimately just a cease fire. It’s a cease fire that will last only long enough for the next iteration of the compromise position to begin. It will end because the facilitator is going to bring division again. Jesus didn’t come to create such peace. He did not come to create a cease fire between God and man, but rather He came to bring both peace and a sword. He brings peace by getting man to surrender himself to God, in brokenness and humility over his sin. However, those who refuse to submit to Jesus’ negotiation process will remain at enmity with God. Because God does not compromise, those who refuse to submit to His terms will remain at war with Him and His followers.

The facilitator directs the process of compromise away from facts and conservative values and towards the already intended liberal left. The only compromise in the left is temporary because they know that once it starts, the “slippery slope” will pick up speed. And they know that when those who stand for truth compromise on the little things or “secondary issues,” it’s only a matter of time before they start caving on the big ones. Jesus doesn’t negotiate that way. He puts up the standards, God’s righteous standards, and gives us two options: meet them at your own ability (good luck), or to rely and depend upon Him who already did it for us. While the facilitator makes the righteous cave to the sinful, Jesus calls for the sinful to cave and surrender to the righteous God.

There’s one last comparison I want to make. This Hegelian Dialectic process is actually described in Scripture. There is going to be a great war which is described in Revelation and there is one man who will be able to negotiate peace for Jerusalem. This is not Jesus, but the Antichrist. We know from Scripture that such a peace will be only temporary as the Jews will be betrayed by the Antichrist. But how will such a treaty be made or even be possible? What could possibly get Muslims to make a positive deal with Israel? The answer is simple: through a process like this, where they KNOW that things will turn against Israel and in their favor. Please take notice: when the same tactics are being used by different people, regardless of what side they claim to be on, the tactics are from the same source.

There is one Mediator between God and man: Jesus Christ. There is only one mediator who can truly negotiate peace between different groups: Jesus Christ. Racial division? Socio-political division? Denominational division? Familial division? You name it; the only one who can truly negotiate peace among these battles is Jesus Christ. Anyone else, if they are following Christ’s method, they will be pointing to and revealing Christ. If they are not, they are not negotiating peace. They are negotiating something else and it will not be good.

Next week, I’ll come back to the practical side of the Hegelian Dialectic process, because that is going to lead to my next series which has been a burden on my heart for a couple years was reignited recently.

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