Destroying the Foundations

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by Charlie Wolcott

“If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” ~Psalm 11:3

If you’ve been following Worldview Warriors as a whole this year, you will have heard our president Jason DeZurik saying a lot of stuff about needing to return to our foundations to find out what is really going on and what we should do amidst all this chaos. We see all the statues and historical figures being removed from public because at some point in their lives, there was something related to racism there. That’s the reasoning. But when the 54th Massachusetts memorial is trashed (go watch the movie Glory to get a lesson about that one) or “Aunt Jemima” (a woman who came out of slavery and developed recipes for pancakes and syrup) are being tarnished and removed, you might want to realize that this isn’t about ‘racism,’ but about the removal of our history.

I have been writing about brainwashing and the Hegelian Dialectic Process over the past few weeks. Today, I’m going to address how this process has been used and is currently being used. This is a repetitive process that over time guides a people away from solid, moral foundations and gets them adjusted to a “new” standard. In William Watkins’ book The New Absolutes (which is 20 years old for the record), he described how the moral standards of Judeo-Christianity are being replaced not with a “free-for-all” as some are suggesting but “new standards” that cannot and will not be challenged. Voddie Baucham makes the distinction between how the word “tolerance” has changed in his sermon “Contending for the Faith.” The old meaning was used by Voltaire: “I disagree with you, but I defend your right to say it.” The current meaning is: “You better allow for my opinion and if you disagree with me, you are a lying, racist, white supremist, bigot.” That’s the result of this dialectic process and the brainwashing that comes with it. Our history and our moral standards that were predominately Judeo-Christian are not merely being removed but replaced with a history and moral standard set up by a Marxist, or rather Satanic, agenda. Side note: Richard Wurmbrand reveals that Karl Marx wasn’t merely an atheist, he was a practicing Satanist (cited by Henry Morris in The Long War Against God, page 182).

This Hegelian Dialectic is a tactic of compromise to get those who speak the truth to be either silenced or submitted into service for the state to promote their agenda. There are biographies showcasing this process but few I’ve read depicts it better than Laura’s Children by Becky Powers, a local author to me. This is not a well-known book, partly due to the need of protection from those whom Laura Richards, an American girl who started an orphanage in pre-Communist China, raised. This book very accurately describes how the Communists took over and eventually forced her to return to the U.S.

Here is how it happened. The state immediately made a proclamation of religious freedom. China, due to Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Missions, having the support of C.T. Studd and George Mueller, was fast becoming a Christian nation. The Communist government sent in their trained people who would be the “facilitators,” and they would actually carry out the Hegelian Dialectic Process. But instead of having two groups of differing opinions, they would talk about the daily operations and they would be seeking for any sort of moral failing to remove the leader of the church or compound where they could replace their own. Powers describes how when this wasn’t working for Laura Richards and her orphanage, the facilitators would go back for more training, to uproot Richards and submit the orphanage to be run by the state. Eventually one student caved because Richards’ then husband made a grave error when she was away, and the dominoes began to fall. She eventually had to flee back to the U.S.

This is just a sampling of what happens in nearly every church or Christian school in a Communist state. The pastors and principals are approached by the government, and they are given a choice to submit to the state and begin preaching the state’s doctrines, or basically face imprisonment or arrest. But the latter happens through this dialectic process. The government plants their own people into leadership, possibly as an elder or on a board, or gets one who is already there to cave, and they begin the dialectic process. Again, the goal is to either expose the leader as corrupt through ANY form of sin and thus grounds for removal for which he will then be replaced by someone the government has already selected to run the institution, or to get the very congregation to run said leader out through emotional hype. Powers records how some pastors were attacked by mobs and killed through a result of this dialectic process. The 50+ million killed by Mao Tse Tung? It wasn’t just by starvation. It was also by using the Hegelian Dialectic Process to creates mobs and turn against those who won’t “play by the rules.”

Two weeks ago, I explained how the Hegelian Dialectic is a gradual changing from the old morals to the new morals. The removal of history is a key part of it. I am able to showcase the gradual changes (and I’ve hardly touched on the subject here) because I know the history of where we came from. Another key part of this process is the removal of historical markers and the re-writing of the history. When the people don’t know where they came from, they can’t tell if the direction they are heading is good or bad. While our schools have “history” as a required course, what are they teaching? At most, it’s just dates and events. We aren’t teaching them about the mindset and the reasons for why these events took place, nor the philosophies that went behind the thinking of the decisions. And when those are presented, it’s always in conjunction with the politically correct agenda. The average person on the street repeatedly shows to be utterly clueless about even current events. They only know what the media tells them, and even then they mostly get it wrong.

Even in a series of blog posts, I can’t give this topic enough justice. The foremost authority I know on this issue is Dean Gotcher. I had shared a 4-part series (for about 6 hours total) a few weeks ago and I’ll share the first link here for further research. He also has a website on this issue called “Authority Research,” however, it’s rather painful to navigate and the articles are long. But he does travel and even in group homes he’ll share what he’s learned. One of his themes is addressing the removal of the father figure from the home and ultimately to remove God as being the Father. It’s all using this Dialectic process. He terms it “diaprax,” which is the praxis (practice) of the dialectic. It’s worth exploring.

What can we do about this process? How can we battle against it? Deception is so powerful, and it easily affects the masses. We as a church have been sleeping and playing along with this, with only a few voices speaking out. I’d speak out more too than just here if I knew how. But here is one thing: We must stop being a professing church, one who just declares that we are Christian. We must instead be a confessing church. Next week, I’m going to address what a confessing church is and what it does, especially in a culture that is hostile to such messages.

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