Love: Do We Really Know What It Is?

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Wednesday, July 8, 2020 0 comments

by Jason DeZurik

The world is on “fire.” We are living through a “global pandemic,” violence, and vandalism in the streets, and a questioning of the Christian faith that many of us have never seen in our lifetime. Recently, I came across this quote from someone on social media: “I just know Jesus would have loved all people as they come, and that’s what I wanna do too.”

Now, this quote standing alone is a very good thing. It sounds incredible and amazing until you dig into what this person actually means by saying this. Friends, this person isn’t really interested in finding the truth in God’s Word but in the ideas and philosophies of humans. This is something we here at Worldview Warriors have run across a lot in the past and have been warning about for years. It seems to just be coming to light for many, now that social media has become more popular and prevalent in everyday life.

The following is just one reason I know this person isn’t interested in finding the truth in God’s Word, even though they would claim they are interested in God’s Word. They also shared this: “I think there’s a big fundamental misunderstanding of the concept of sin. One that’s man made and misconstrued.” This was brought up after someone asked this person if they believed that a certain activity that the Bible claims to be sin is still a sin today.

You see, friends, we are dealing with a very serious issue today. In fact, the human race has dealt with this issue for a very long time. The issue is that we think we know what is good and right and true without God. Many today are actually claiming the moral high ground without standing on God. They say they are standing on things that are godly, when they are in fact doing anything but that. They claim love. Many today think that giving license to a sinful lifestyle is acting in love when it is anything but love. They are confused in what living out truth in love really looks like. What do I mean?

Well, Jesus, with the woman at the well is a perfect example of what I am referring to (read about it in John 4). You’ll notice that Jesus didn’t tell this person that living with a man who wasn’t her husband was okay, good, or right. In fact, He didn’t tell her that having 5 husbands was okay either. He wanted to help restore her as a person, help her face her sinful lifestyle, and take responsibility for her actions. He didn’t say to keep living in your life of sin. In fact, she left her water pot (her old way of living) behind to tell others about this Jesus. She wanted to strive to live for Christ.

Friends, just by looking at Jesus’ example here and in other places in Scripture, we can easily deduce that affirming someone’s sinful lifestyle and encouraging them to stay in this lifestyle is anything but living in freedom in Christ. It’s affirming the burdensome chains that a person has around their neck and wrists. God sent Jesus Christ to make us free, not just in the next world but in this one as well. The Kingdom of God is not a place. It is a mindset, it is a spiritual awakening, it is a lifestyle. Friends, leave your water pot behind.

Here’s some more on this idea with Jason’s daughter, Anika DeZurik: “Leaving your water pot behind.” Check it out and be free!

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