The Hegelian Dialectic Process

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by Charlie Wolcott

Last week, I finished my series on brainwashing, and I received some spectacular feedback from it. Among the responses was an interest to delve deeper into what I have referenced numerous times throughout my posts but never really dedicated a post on: the Hegelian Dialectic Process. It was articulated and codified by German philosopher Georg Hegel, but it’s really nothing new. I first learned about it when I did the Cadre program with the Creation Truth Foundation 6 ½ years ago. I’ll summarize the entire process in one word: compromise. That is the intention, goal, and purpose of the whole thing: to get people, namely the conservative Christians, to compromise. Here is how this process works.

The main theory is that you first look at a predominate worldview or position that you want to change. This current predominate position is called a THESIS. Then you bring in a completely opposite worldview or position called the ANTITHESIS. Then you bring in a facilitator to be called in to negotiate “peace” between the two sides; this peace is a compromise between the two positions called a SYNTHESIS. The root process of this is “dialogue,” hence the name “dialectic.” The SYNTHESIS then becomes the new THESIS and the process starts all over again.

It sounds great in theory, however the practice of it is something much worse. Dean Gotcher (his website is found here) is a relatively small name speaker on this issue, but he is extremely well read after realizing what was happening to both him and his wife as teachers in the public school system. Something I want to make clear here is that this process is not achieved by intellectual argument or logic, but by feelings. According to Gotcher, what Freud did with psychology was designed to use feelings to justify their problems and how to cope with feelings, but never to confront anything in context of sin. What Hegel and others did was to take what Freud did with individuals and put them all in a group. The same types of questions are asked: “How do you feel about x situation?” It’s always an appeal to emotion and feelings, not to fact, logic, or reasoning.

The dangerous thing about appeals to emotions is that they are easily manipulated, and the ‘facilitator’ is trained to seek them out. A favorite tool is name calling. The facilitator will make disparaging remarks towards one side to get them riled up, creating division, and then calling them back together in the name of peace, yet the facilitator is actually the one creating the division. Paul warned about such people in Romans 16:17-18. I’ve often cited this verse to identify false teachers, but it applies here too. The ones who are using smooth words and flattering lips are creating division. We are to mark them and avoid them. I’ll come back to this point in a moment, because it’s critical.

One of their classic tactics is to latch on to a pleasing sounding idea, and then declare: “If you don’t support me, you are against x thing.” Remember what I said about brainwashing a few weeks ago? In both abortion and evolution, the tactic is: “If you don’t support abortion, you are against women’s health.” “If you reject evolution, you reject all science.” In actuality, abortion and evolution are completely AGAINST women’s health and science, respectively. Look at “Black Lives Matter” as well. Culture says that if you don’t support BLM, you are a racist and against blacks. That’s brainwashing, and it’s part of this Hegelian Dialectic process. They equate their movement and ideas with something everyone agrees with, and mock and ridicule anyone who disagrees with them, when their own agenda has virtually nothing to do with said good thing.

The process gets worse. The whole procedure is to work out a “negotiated” answer, but that answer was pre-determined before getting the two sides together. So, the division was created to get two sides to fight each other. Fighting is obviously bad. But when is peace going to be achieved? Because the facilitator is the one orchestrating the fighting, it won’t cease until the facilitator gets what they want. They do so by planting “agitators” within the groups to get a mob mentality going.

What makes this process so effective is peer pressure. The facilitator doesn’t need to convince everyone of his plan. He just has to get a few on their side and get them to get their peers involved. If you do not participate in the process and play along, there is a process called “jamming.” Voddie Baucham describes this process when he spoke for an ICR conference a few years ago and was addressing how the homosexual agenda has been forced down the public’s throats despite being such a minority group.

Jamming is a process of name calling and marginalization used to isolate people who refuse to compromise. No one likes being insulted, but again, remember that this process is working using emotion and peer pressure. Because many people would rather cave on their convictions than have their feelings hurt, former allies will start to separate themselves because they are starting to feel the pressure from their already compromised peers. In an in-person presentation, Dean Gotcher described how one man in such a meeting knew precisely what was going on, and he refused to cave. Each time that he disagreed, he was given a sticker to wear. Eventually, he never caved but he was covered in stickers and he was sitting by himself. Let me make this clear: as Christians, speaking truth in this time and age, we will often find ourselves alone, constantly insulted and ridiculed, and marked not just as a dissident, but often as a threat to the peace.

In the end, if the process does what it is intended to do, the group will arrive at the already determined conclusion of the facilitator and THINK it was their idea all along. And here is the result in our culture. The conservative side is the one that has compromised. The liberal side may appear to give up some of their demands, but all they actually wanted was the conservatives to cave in, even if just a little. In a short time, the process will begin again with the SYNTHESIS becoming the new THESIS. The cycle will continue. With each step, the conservative side always gets closer and closer and closer to what the left had going on all along. This process will NEVER lean towards the conservative side. And when I say “conservative,” I’m not talking “Republican Party.” I’m particularly thinking of the Judeo-Christian worldview. This process is designed specifically to take a culture away from having a Judeo-Christian worldview and to compromise it with the pagan cultures around, and to eventually remove it entirely.

This process was only codified by Hegel. It’s been in practice for nearly all of history. This process is used in “group therapy” sessions (think like “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” where “Big Nurse Ratched” is the facilitator). It is used in board meetings. It is used in schools and even churches. And right now, we are seeing it being used on a national scale. Russ Miller has a video series (each only about 3 minutes each) where he examines Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and showcases this exact same process being used on us. Most of the nation is playing right along with it, including many Christians. Here are part 1, part 2, and part 3. Next week, I am going to zoom in on the facilitator role in this process for a moment before coming back out to examine how this process has been used practically, namely in how Communism conquered Eastern Europe and Asia.

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Unknown said...

Charlie, once again, very nicely delineated point. And for those of us who SEE this happening when we are the one being ridiculed or insulted, WE need to stand firm, as you indicate, rather than compromise. The pressure to compromise will never cease, and it is always against our Judeo-Christian ethics. (I also addressed this in my Brainwashed book, as you may recall)

Unknown said...

Very disturbing, how mankind devise/plan to twist others thinking.

Unknown said...

Thanks, that cleared things up.