Out of The Gray, Part 3

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Saturday, April 29, 2017 0 comments

by Nathan Buck

[This is a multi-part blog post series. Please be sure to read the previous weeks, starting here.]

Being able to tell the difference between things, being able to know right from wrong, is called discernment. Our ability to discern what is good is directly related to how clearly we can see what is true. And just like a dark room makes it hard for us to find our way to the door without running into something, so a lack of focus on God's teaching makes it hard to live for what is good.

In this series, we are going through the Bible book of Jude. Read verses 8-14.

To summarize what Jude is saying, DESIRE, ENTITLEMENT, and EGO derail DISCERNMENT. In other words, without a singular focus on Truth, we become distracted, self-interested, self-protective, and lose sight of God’s ways. Worse yet, we will marry it to concepts and ideologies that are against what God teaches, and we will create or validate the "gray." And when we go "gray," it becomes harder and harder to tell the difference between good and evil, because we lose contrast, we lose clarity, and we can no longer discern what we should do. Our ability to see the contrast of colors and our depth perception are directly related to how much light is available for us to see. If you find yourself more often than not debating what choice you should make, and feeling like you don’t know which way to go, then take caution, you may be swimming in the "gray" without enough Truth to help you see clearly. Get a friend, get wise counsel, but most of all get into the Bible and learn what God has said about the type of situations you may find yourself in.

What is distracting you? Is it something you desire? Something you feel entitled (have a 'right') to? Or is it just the effort to always have people like you?

Take the time to recognize what motivates you, and ask God to show you if your motives are pure. Get wise counsel from someone who is mature in their relationship with God. Most of all, read the Bible and learn God's principles, so that your situation will gain clarity and contrast, so you can see which way is truly good.

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