Answering God’s Call

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Sunday, April 23, 2017 0 comments

by Ami Samuels

As I sit here contemplating obedience, I wonder, how readily obedient are we to the call of God on our lives? Do we respond with obedience or excuses?

In Exodus chapters 3-4, we find Moses in the very presence of the Lord. When the Lord calls him, he answers, “Here I am!” But then we see 5 times (5 times!) that Moses questioned and tried to avoid the call on his life.

He starts out by saying, “Who am I?”

“Well, suppose I go, who do I say sent me?”

“What if they don’t believe me?”

“I’m not a good speaker!”

Finally, Moses says, “O Lord, please send someone else to do it!”

We see in scripture that the Lord’s anger burned against Moses, BUT He didn’t give up on Moses. He didn’t say, “Forget it, Moses, I will find someone else!” No. What he said was, “What about your brother Aaron, he can speak well. You shall speak to him and put words in his mouth, and I will help you both to speak and teach you what to do.” I love this because, God is telling him that He will help you to speak and teach you what to do.

As humans, when God calls us to something much bigger than ourselves, we immediately think of our inadequacies and short comings. But God says, “If you answer my call on your life, I will give you words to speak and teach you what to do.”

Are we obedient to God’s call? Or do we, like Moses, have a laundry list of excuses of why we can’t do what he is calling us to do?

The next time you feel the call to step out in faith, pray, spend time studying Scripture, and seek wise counsel from a pastor or someone who knows and understands the Word. If you still feel called, don’t give God your excuses, give Him your obedience!

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