Out of The Gray, Part 2

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Saturday, April 22, 2017 0 comments

by Nathan Buck

[This is a multi-part blog post series. Please be sure to read the previous weeks, starting here.]

  A flashlight is a very simple and very practical tool. You only have to show a child how to use one once, and they immediately understand the value. When it’s dark, a flashlight helps us see clearly and move more confidently through the dark around us.

In the same way, we need Truth be our flashlight. Let’s go back to the book of Jude, as he shares the key to getting out of the “gray” and to dealing with the “gray” in our midst.

Read verses 3-4. Jude says we must contend for the faith. The Greek word he uses there for “contend” is epagonizomai – which means ‘struggle for the faith.’

This doesn’t mean to beat people over the head with religion. It means to know God deeply, and know how to share the Truth with others so they believe God. To “contend” in this context isn’t about protecting the religion. It is about struggling and fighting the “gray” - the lies and the deceit - in order to keep Truth in front of people. And as we do, people will have faith in God.

If you know anything about athletes who are contenders, they have a singular focus. CONTENDERS have a SINGULAR focus.

Do we have a singular focus on God’s teaching, the Truth He has given us? Do we do the hard work of knowing His Word and then keep His teaching in front of people? Do we connect His teaching to real life examples, so that people see the Truth and have faith in God? If we are committed to that, then we will have no room for gray in ourselves. We will need to make clear the gray that is all around us in the culture, and in the church.

Consider your focus this week. Who or what is at the center of your attention? That influence either clarifies or clouds your ability to see - it is either a flashlight or a fog. Ask God to show you which, and then come back next week to continue our journey out of the gray.

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