The Perversion of a Nation

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by Charlie Wolcott

Last week, I wrote about the start of the fall into depravity as recorded in Romans 1:18-32. The fall starts by rejecting God as the Creator and then denying His moral standards. When that happens, the demand for “higher education” rises, only to showcase foolishness, and what follows is the worship of the creation instead of the Creator. Then, when the Creator is denied His place as Creator and Law Giver and man is given the “freedom” to do as he pleases, usually the first area he goes to “explore” is sexuality. This is the next part of the Romans 1 spiral: men and women giving up their natural desires and lusting after each other. But what we are seeing in the United States is not merely a “fall” into this sin, but a strategic planting, training, and encouraging of this sin. Yes, I will go on record and say that the sexualization of our nation and especially now of our children is intentional.

There is a cliché of how to boil a frog. You don’t drop him into a pot of boiling water; you put him in a pot of cool water and slowly crank up the heat. Because a frog is cold-blooded, it will never notice the heat change until it’s too late. Three months ago, I wrote about the Hegelian Dialectic and the process of compromise, which always leans towards the direction of the group seeking control. I addressed then how this process has been used in brainwashing people to believing things like Evolution or socialism. But here, I’m going to show how this is being used to destroy the moral foundations.

The United States has become a perverse nation. Not merely arrogant, violent, murderous, greedy, etc., but perverse. Usually the term “perverse” is in context of sexual immorality. Since the “Sexual Revolution” of the 60s, our nation has truly become utterly vile and evil. How did it happen? I grew up when homosexuality was considered not merely a sin but as a mental illness. Now it is publicly embraced to the point where if anyone dares speak against it, it’s as though we are speaking treason. And now we are watching the progression move to our children in public. Again, how did it happen? Let me take you through a brief walk through the last few decades, but I’ll focus on the last couple of years. This is going to be a difficult post to read but we need to know what has happened so we can take action and stop it while we can.

The first time I ever saw a gay couple on TV was the movie Mrs. Doubtfire with Robin Williams. It’s a comedy of a man going through a painful divorce, and to see his kids he dresses as an elderly woman with the aid of his gay brother. As a kid I thought it was funny, knowing that that stuff was stupid and silly at best. Today, I’d never watch that movie again. That was one step. In 1998, Matthew Shepherd was murdered in a true hate crime against him for being gay. It never should have happened; however, that was the case that opened the door for the homosexuals to claim “special privileges.” It worked.

In 2005 there was a controversial movie called Brokeback Mountain. All I know about it was that it was the first movie where the lead characters were homosexual. More TV shows continued to work in more and more sexually risqué situations. Then Barak Obama hired Arnie Duncan as his Secretary of Education. One of Duncan’s big movements was to instill an anti-bullying program that specifically included the LGBT lifestyle, teaching that to be against it was like being racist. Another part of the agenda was the instillation of LGBT student groups on numerous public school campuses. I’ve seen them on the campuses where I’ve worked. Then Obama spearheaded the formal “legalizing” of homosexual marriage. I said then that pedophilia was going to be right on its heels, and the only thing that’s surprised me is that it’s taken longer than I was thinking to do it. But it’s here now, and it’s in full swing. Here is how I have seen the progression to get the public to embrace pedophilia, though the process is not complete… yet.

In 2017, a sitcom called “The Mick” had a scene where a teenager and his six-year-old brother had a bet in which the boy would lick a hot stove for $1000. So the brother had to wear what looks exactly like a “ball gag” to help heal his tongue. Though not in a sexual setting, the mere image of a little boy in that device is a total turn-on for perverts. This boy apparently was transitioning to a “girl” as well. Then in 2018 came a movie called Show Dogs. The internet exploded when there was a scene of the talking police dog undercover in a dog show being molested in his preparation for the show and being told to go to his “happy place,” the exact type of language that pedophiles use when they “play” with their victims. The public was rightfully outraged enough to get the movie shut down, but I had something to say about it at that time.

This movie was just a test. It was just a feeler to see how the public would respond to child sex in a covert way. I knew immediately that this would not be a one-time thing, and after more “desensitizing” they would try it again. Those who saw my Facebook response to that were pleased that as a man I said something, but I suspect few really understood what I was saying. The pedophile movement turned up the heat.

Very shortly after Show Dogs was released, we started hearing about prepubescent child drag queens. I remember seeing one boy Desmond is Amazing, then only 11 years old, being shown on Good Morning America in his full get up and his parents saying “that’s what he wanted to do.” Desmond made headlines again, dancing at a gay bar and having money thrown at him. For those not in the “know,” dancers who get their “customers” excited and sexually aroused will have money thrown at them as a “tip,” and apparently they can make a decent amount of money this way. This was an 11-year-old boy doing this. I’ve seen a picture of another prepubescent boy in drag in an “excited, shocked” state next to a nude adult drag queen. With this was the “Drag Queen Story Hour” at libraries. I even read one article where an elementary school brought in a pole dancer to perform in front of their youngest grades, even where one girl said she wanted to be a pole dancer when she got older (she was barely six or seven). This incident took place in Poland in May this year. The Christian conservatives paying attention spoke up against this in social media, but it didn’t stop there.

Last summer, another movie came out called Good Boys. I only saw the previews. It was about three boys approaching puberty who apparently were “angels” and never did anything wrong or weird. So for some kind of project, they began to see what the rest of the boys did. They looked up videos for kissing and obviously saw things significantly more detailed than kissing. One boy got onto a strap “swing” not knowing at all what it was used for, and the boy was in a pose for receiving anal sex on that swing. Yes, sorry for the graphic description, but this was in the preview on public TV. But unlike Show Dogs, virtually NOTHING was said that I noticed.

Then this year Netflix released a film called Cuties about a “twerking dance group” of 11-year-old girls. Supposedly the director, after the backlash, said that the film was to showcase what happens when you let your girls dress so scantily and that we should be shocked. I’m frankly not interested in what happens in the film or what it is about. The issue is that you have a movie with girls doing full sexualized dancing that would be seen in a kid porn film. If you are going to expose something, you do so with tact, and this was not tactful. I saw the exact same thing with this movie as I did with Show Dogs. It’s another test, only this time, it’s far more explicit and graphic.

And that’s just on the entertainment side of things. On the legal side, there have been pushes to make the “age of consent” lower and lower so it can be “legal” for children to have sex. California recently passed a law that drastically reduces the sentences for younger adults having sex with younger children as long as there is less than a ten-year difference, including even registering to be a sex offender. So that means a 24-year old man can have “consensual” sex with a 14-year old boy, and at most there will be just a slap on the wrist.

I have to make clear that all this is intentional. I am not talking about a conspiracy theory of QAnon or what not. These are just my observations of what I have seen in the actual news and in the entertainment industry. The United States has not embraced pedophilia nationally yet, but we are one bad leader away from sealing the deal. I’m not convinced we can stop it without some nationwide revival and repentance from our leaders calling for it (not merely Franklin Graham or President Trump, but from Congress and our state leaders). But if we know what is happening, we can cut off the process from continuing. The only solution is the Gospel, and the only way to cut off an industry is to cut off their customers and the demand for the products. Sex is selling because, like drugs, there is an insatiable appetite for it that only the Gospel can cut off.

The Romans 1 spiral has a final phase: complete and total lawlessness where not only the wicked thrive in doing it, but those who approve it share in the judgment. That’s next week.

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