What Are You Thankful For?

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Thursday, November 27, 2008 0 comments

Today is a day to remember what we are thankful for and how God continues to bless us. With many people saying how bad the economy is and how it is effecting their lives I thought I would focus on how truly good we have it here in the United States.

Personally, my family and my needs are being met. As I’m sure yours are too. What do I mean by this? Needs not wants. For instance, my wife and I want a bigger house to live in, however, we live in a three bedroom, one bath home with six children all 9 years old and younger. When people hear this they say things like, “How do you do it?” or “Oh, that must be difficult, you really should get a bigger place.” I think to myself, yeah but we have shelter and compared to many others in the world who are living in a one or two room house with a dirt floor were doing pretty well.

I am thankful for our family and friends that love and care for us all across this great land and through out the world. We love you all and thank God for all of you. This then makes me think of the orphans through out the world who’s parents have either died or just abandoned them. I think of the orphanage I served in on a trip to Belize and I am still tore up about what I saw and experienced. I think about the orphans in Hyderbad, India with our good friends Phillip and Sashi. Many of them have experienced things we couldn’t even dream of. Please pray for them as they need help in people going there and working with the kids as well as prayer and finances.

I am thankful for the good food God blesses us with. I thank God for the farmer that is willing to put in the hard work tending to his crops so that we can eat. Yes, God makes them grow but without the farmers patience and steadiness we would not have food. Thank you farmers. Thank you God that we can eat three times (and sometimes more) a day.

I am thankful for $1.49 per gallon gas in Ohio.

I am thankful for being raised in a Christian home even though When I was younger I didn’t appreciate it.

I am thankful for my wife who makes me a better man than I am.

I am thankful for children that are not only healthy but who are obedient and honoring in all they do.

I am thankful for God and His love, grace and mercy on me and on all of us. He is so good!

So, what are you thankful for? Are things really as bad as the media makes it seem? I know times are harder than in the past but let’s continue to focus on Christ. He will supply our needs. Please write us and let us know what you are thankful for, what you think about this article and how God is working in your life.