Stay the Course, Godly Men and Women!

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Wednesday, January 23, 2019 0 comments

by Jason DeZurik

I have been trying to put my thoughts together about the hubbub going on about this Gillette Commercial people are discussing.

While yes, the content of the ad isn't really terrible, the quiet message given throughout is troubling. It knowingly or unknowingly makes the assumption that the majority of males are pigs or war mongers and cannot control themselves. It also says that most men today are unwilling to stand up for a woman anymore, to be a knight in shining armor, or perhaps to hold a door open for a lady.

Actually, people like myself have been raising not only our sons to respect women, but also our daughters with the idea of the importance of respecting themselves. Why? Because they are made in the image of God. Fathers like me have been trying to instill this into our children for literally years and years. Hopefully some of it has taken to be in our children.

Unfortunately, what seems to be happening in society all the while is people like myself are being blamed and ridiculed for being old-fashioned or too staunchly Biblical in our stance, teachings, and beliefs. For instance, I believe to my core that, “We can't have two sets of standards, one set for the dedicated young men who want to do something ambitious and one set for those who don't” (Bear Bryant). When I have posted this in the past, I have been ridiculed by some because they say that is just too difficult. Well, living God’s ways are not easy. If it was, more people would do it!

This photo is just one reason why men like me are actually sick and tired of being lectured at from those who are, dare I say, hypocrites. We are already striving to teach our children good and right Biblical teachings, only to be ridiculed in public for our efforts by many who are against God and His ways. Unfortunately, this is to be expected.

Well, I for one will keep teaching my children that we are all made in the image of God and that we should respect everyone as a person. I will also continue to teach my children the importance of living out Godly ways in this world. When they choose to sin against God, I teach them to take responsibility for their actions and accept the just and natural consequences that come their way. Why? So they will continue to grow and become mature and complete, not lacking anything.

People of God, we need to stay the course, for such a time as this!

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