Things You Never Expect

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Sunday, May 18, 2014 0 comments

by Jason DeZurik

I’m looking forward to tell you about some exciting news regarding the ministry of Worldview Warriors. Before I do that though let me give you just a bit of the background to this news.

In July of 2013 my second son, Elijah, became the state champion for the state of Ohio in the Elks Soccer Shoot Out for the under 13-year-old age group. This meant he earned the right to compete in Fredrick, Maryland on Saturday, March 8, 2014 in the Elks Mid-Atlantic Regional. As his father I was proud and excited for him. Since my wife, Jaya, and I knew we were going to be making this trip we decided to go to Washington D.C. and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania as a family since we had never been to those places together. It was an amazing trip!

Elijah took third place in the Elks Mid-Atlantic Regional, which he was actually disappointed in because he wanted to win but someday he will understand even more what an accomplishment this really is. (Just a side note: The Elks really did it up right. Each and every participant was treated not only like a champion but was encouraged with many positive words and actions.)

After the Elks Shoot Out in Maryland we went to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. As we got closer to Gettysburg I was excited but didn’t really understand my expectancy.

We were able to not only go to the movie that is presented about the battle of Gettysburg at the visitor’s center but we were able to experience the “Cyclorama” (which was completely amazing), and go through much of the museum the first day there. We also stayed near General Lee’s Headquarters the first evening and had a great meal at a little spot called, Gettysburg Eddie’s.

Little did I or any of my family realize what we were about to experience the next day at Gettysburg. My friend, Michael Homula called me to make sure we were going to go onto the battlefield with an official Gettysburg guide. I told him we were planning to listen to a CD we had brought with us about what took place at Gettysburg as we toured the field. Looking back at this I laugh a bit because Michael basically told me that this was not an option and we needed to have a field guide take us through the battlefield. I informed him it was just too much for our budget. He said, “I will take care of it. You need to go with a guide.” I relented and said, “Okay.” I am so glad that I did. Our battlefield guide’s name was Jim and to say we were beyond impressed is an under statement. I am not joking. Jim made things “come alive” on the field. He would line us up and show us how things were on the field and who was where and when.

It was amazing! Growing up in Minnesota and now living in Ohio made me even more proud to be from those states to know what the “boys” from those states did at the battle. The tears I have even now as I write this are tears of pride, sorrow, and joy. It is just incredible the feelings you get from being there. To know that the less than 300 men of the 1st Minnesota charged and held off 2,000 men just long enough to allow the North to regroup at a very critical time in the battle and that less than 50 made it out of that battle is just sobering. To know what some of the Ohio “boys” did during Pickett’s charge makes you realize how much more we as a generation and people need to grow up.

To say that this trip affected me is also a huge understatement. I think Michael Homula for not only pushing my family and me to get a guide but I thank him for his friendship and due diligence in getting the truth out about what happened at the battle of Gettysburg.

Friends, it has affected me so much that starting in 2015 Worldview Warriors will be offering trips to Gettysburg. Not just any trips though. Michael Homula has been taking people to Gettysburg for years, and I am honored to announce that he will be partnering up with the ministry of Worldview Warriors bringing you the opportunity to experience “Biblical Truth at Gettysburg.”

We will be offering trips quite possibly as soon as the summer of 2015 but in the fall for certain. Be on the look out for information on these trips. You do not want to just let this opportunity pass you up! I am not being over the top when I tell you that this truth and history needs to get out there. You need to equip yourself about what took place in history at this place in the United States.

So, we officially welcome Michael Homula to the team at Worldview Warriors. He will be releasing blog posts every Sunday from here on out. Please pray for us as we continue to put the finishing touches on this and please join us for one of these trips in 2015 and possibly beyond.