Legacy: The Kryptonite of Faithfulness, Part 1

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Saturday, July 1, 2017 0 comments

by Nathan Buck

Focusing on OUR legacy is the kryptonite of faithfulness, because it tends to look at what we have done and what we will leave behind, instead of focusing on the mission to be engaged ahead and how we are preparing to take advance and take ground for God's Kingdom. In short, legacy thinking leans toward our trophies, instead of God's purposes.

So, how do we check our motives, and as individuals and a community, be sure that our decisions are faithful to God's calling and purposes for where he has us? (Notice I didn’t say His purpose for us.)

Read Hebrews 12:1-17. God urges us to throw off EVERY weight. Yes, the sin that easily entangles, but also every weight – everything that hinders.

Personally, when I am not exercising and I am overwhelmed with work, that is a weight. My body feels stress differently when I am not physically in shape. My mind processes stress differently when I am not in shape. Physiological studies have shown over and over again that consistent rigorous exercise does more for depression and is more effective for stabilizing mood than any antidepressant on the market.

Do you know that the same is true of us spiritually? When we are weighed down with concerns and stresses that take our eyes off of Jesus, when we are not keeping our faith exercised – watching Jesus, stepping as He steps, taking the risks He would have us take, intentionally surrendering our power and control, and inentionally laying aside our agenda to pursue God's – then we get bogged down. Our faithfulness becomes suppressed, and we feel increasingly less confident in God and weaker in the gifts He has given us by His Spirit.

The writer of Hebrews then uses Esau as an example, stating that he “was unable to bring about a change of mind, even though he diligently sought it with tears” (verse 16). That is a hard place to be. To know you need to change, to seek to change with weeping, and yet realize that your choices have put you on a road with no turns. I cannot imagine the grief Esau felt.

Have you found yourself looking at the world around you knowing that somethhing has to change, but feeling weak or overwhelmed at the idea of changing course now? Do you know that that is the trap of legacy?

We'll continue this thought next week and explore another example that might help us see how we can let go of legacy thinking to fully engage God's calling.

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