Facing Our 'Dark Side,' Part 1

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Saturday, July 15, 2017 0 comments

by Nathan Buck

In the final episode of the "Clone Wars" cartoon, Jedi Master Yoda goes on a quest to learn how to transcend death. It's an episode that basically tries to explain why 'force ghosts' are possible in the movies and in the canon of Star Wars 'ideology.'

As part of this episode, Yoda battles a shadowy figure that sounds just like him and has a similar form to him. Initially, Yoda says, "Recognize you, I do not." As they battle, the shadowy figure states that he has been feeding on the enjoyment Yoda has from the Clone Wars - presumably the sense of accomplishment as the battle rages to do good and defeat the Separatists and the Sith.

At the point Yoda seems like he is going to be overwhelmed by this shadowy foe, he stands up and says, "Recognize you, I do. My Dark side, you are. Power over me, you do not have." Then he vaporizes his 'dark side' by channeling his humility and peace in a way that he could use the force to overcome his own ego and hubris. It made for a great story, but it begs questions about our reality. Do we have a dark side? Can we overcome it by just disconnecting ourselves from attachments, channeling humility, and denying our desires?

Read Romans chapter 7, and read it slowly. Take time to reflect on what Paul is explaining. Then come back and finish reading this post.

Initially, it seems like Paul agrees with the ideas Yoda expresses, that there is a struggle between our light and dark sides. But if you read carefully, what God teaches us through Paul? Is He saying good and evil coexist in us? Is He saying that 'enlightenment' and our own purity of spirit have the power to overcome evil?

Come back next week to continue to explore whether we have a 'dark side' and how we might overcome it.

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