Facing Our 'Dark Side,' Part 3

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by Nathan Buck

For the context of this post, check out Part 1 and Part 2 first.

From the moment we know the "rules" of any game, activity, or situation, we feel an internal conflict between obeying the rules or taking advantage for ourselves. The struggle is real, but it is not because of some impersonal galactic force. So, how do we live for good? How do we overcome evil desires? How do we put the real struggle back into its real context, instead of buying into the fantasy of Star Wars?

Make no mistake, I like Star Wars and enjoy the nods toward spiritual things. However, George Lucas openly admits that the ideology of his universe is one that cherry-picks themes from major world religions, all blended up in an Eastern Mysticism soup. It helps create and flavor some exciting stories, but when it comes to practical usefulness it has no distinct flavor and no real tools to accomplish what it espouses.

For example, in my previous example with Yoda, he says that his dark side has no power over him, and then Yoda uses the force to dissolve his dark side. While this is dramatic and seems like a desirable goal, it is a contradiction to the ideology of the Star Wars universe. If the force is light and dark, broader than both, and balance is the goal, then Yoda destroying his own 'dark side' is not only impossible, but it exposes the circular logic that persistently turns in on itself to try and make the whole 'spam-like' ideology seem to work. Where does Yoda get this power, and how could it be from the light side, if the 'force' requires balance? How could his 'dark side' be destroyed without him being out of balance with the 'force'? Because of these unanswerable ambiguities, the writers of Star Wars started exploring the evolution of understanding of the force, and have several themes they have seeded into the stories to try and keep it believable enough for those who want "Spiritism" and relativist truisms. Eventually, this vague mysticism cannot pass the test of reality and Truth, because it is fantasy. 

God, however, does address the issue of our struggle between good and evil very specifically, and He provides a practical solution through His personal involvement in our life.

Read Romans chapter 8. Take some time and reflect on the specific promises God makes in this chapter.

If we have relationship with God through Jesus Christ - meaning we have accepted Jesus' sacrifice for our self-centered decisions (choices apart from or against God: a.k.a. sin) - then we can count on the following: 

  • We no longer face condemnation. Being free from condemnation means we are not held guilty, we are not shamed, and we are not sentenced to the punishment for our sin. If we are not condemned, then we are freed to live the life we were designed for, instead of being stuck with the hand we were dealt or the situations we put ourselves in.
  • We are given God's power to live for good. His Spirit informs and empowers us toward what He has planned for good. He gives insight into His principles of the Bible, skills, abilities, power, and help for every moment we face. 
  • We are adopted as sons and daughters of God. We have access to God's power, His resources, and His wisdom. We are like family to God, able to approach Him with confidence in His love and grace toward us and toward others. We are able to boldly engage His plans knowing He will empower us for the task, and He will impact the lives we touch for His good.
  • We have the promise that He works all things together for good. No matter what we face, no matter how painful or challenging, no matter how much we might lose, we can trust that it will all be turned toward good.
  • Finally, we cannot be separated from God's love. We cannot be separated from God by anything or anyone, or any 'force,' if we are His.

If you are in a place where you desire spiritual insight, or you are wrestling with overcoming habits and desires that you know are not good but feel like you don't have the power to face them, then take time to reflect on what Paul shares in Romans chapters 6-8. Let God help you see your situation, your limits, and His perspective and abilities, apart from the clutter of popular fantasy. Let God show you His designs in you and His plans ahead of you.

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