Forbidden Fruit

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Sunday, June 11, 2017 0 comments

by Ami Samuels

What is your forbidden fruit? What is the one thing that you think will fill that empty place inside? Is it food, excessive shopping, alcohol, being a workaholic, drugs? What is your temporary fix?

I have to say food is my weakness. When I am stressed, tired, or sad, I like donuts. You may have heard me share my Krispy Kreme donut story about temptation and how I was tempted several times by fresh donuts before I left the grocery store one evening. That night, I was able to leave the store without the fresh donuts, but believe me I wanted one! Well, maybe two.

In Genesis 3, the serpent was tempting Eve with the fruit from the only tree in the garden that God had told them not to eat from or even touch. He encouraged her and assured her that what God said wasn’t true. So she and Adam ate the fruit, but instead of being more fulfilled, they were ashamed and hiding from God.

Isn’t that how we feel when we give into temptation? We want to hide our sin from others and hide the evidence; we feel ashamed and guilty.

What lie is the enemy telling you?
If you just had that donut…
If you just had one more drink…
If you just had that new thing…
If you just watch a little bit…
Then you will feel better, right? Maybe for a brief moment, but then the shame, guilt, and remorse sets in.

What is your forbidden fruit? What is the enemy using to pull you away from God?

Together, let’s examine our lives and ask ourselves what is our forbidden fruit. Recognize the lies the enemy is feeding us.

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