Mission Confirmed!

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Saturday, August 27, 2016 0 comments

by Nathan Buck

There is nothing quite like that moment when you have clarity and confirmation on a big decision. I remember when my wife and I were praying through the invitation to start a new congregation in Findlay, OH. We didn't have any family near us, we were not well-connected in the community, and we had all sorts of concerns and questions about how everything would work - and I mean everything. We were just starting to have children, it would be our first time buying a home, our first time starting a new ministry, our first time being residents of Ohio, etc. Our list of questions and concerns for God filled two pages of a legal note pad.

Within in two weeks of starting to pray, God gave us a clear calling to start the new congregation in Findlay. He didn't answer every question on our list individually, but by giving us the clarity of our calling and location, He redirected every question toward His answer and trusting Him to provide.

In Judges 7:9-18, Gideon is standing on the edge of battle with the Midianites. They have literally overwhelming numbers of soldiers and camels. Gideon has the 300 soldiers God selected - by sending the 31,700 other people home. Now on the eve of battle, Gideon must be having doubts, and must be wondering if He heard God right. In fact, we know he's afraid because he does what God tells him to do in verses 10-11: "If you are afraid, take your servant and go down to the camp and listen to what they say, afterward your hands will be strengthened."

When Gideon goes to the camp he hears an amazing confirmation that God had already put the "W" in Israel's column, the victory was already set. Read verses 13-15 to see what Gideon heard and his response.

Let me encourage you. If you are standing on the edge of something big or something scary, God already knows the outcome, and He already knows where and how He wants you to engage. Trust Him. Seek His counsel. And let Him show you the confirmation.

As for our story, we did what God called us to. It was scary, exhausting, painful, and wonderful all mixed into one. The lives we connected with and the lessons learned along the way have been priceless to us. When we left that place, we again had His confirmation and guidance into another journey, and He lined up all our questions with His answer. Let Him do the same for you.

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