Full Bloom

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Sunday, August 7, 2016 0 comments

by Ami Samuels

One summer as I watered my geraniums, I noticed some differences in my flowers. The planters closest to the house had big, full blooms. These geraniums were beautiful and every bud was blooming.

However, there were a couple of flowerpots that sat further from the house. These flowers were only partially blooming. When I would go out to prune these flowers, I noticed that half of the flower was blooming and the other half looked dead. These planters weren’t as pretty as the ones closest to the house.

One day I sat and gazed out at my floral containers and wondered why some of my planters were blooming to their fullest potential and some weren’t. I realized that I soaked the flowers in the containers closest to the house every day, and the flowerpots that were further away weren’t getting watered as often. If I was in a hurry or didn’t give extra effort to get to them, they didn’t get watered that day.

Observing these flowers helped me to realize that we need to be in God’s presence daily if we want to bloom to our fullest potential in Christ.

In John 15:4 Jesus says, “Remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.” We need to saturate our lives in Bible study and prayer, quietly soaking up His word and presence so we can blossom into who God has created us to be, and bloom to our fullest potential.

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