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by Ami Samuels

Where do we as Christians draw the line when we see injustice in the world around us?

What situations are we tolerant of? We tolerate injustice in our legal system and we tolerate riots. We are tolerant when our children are treated unfairly and we teach them that “Life isn’t’ fair.” I agree that “Life isn’t fair,” but is always accepting that life isn’t fair any different than being tolerant? These are the questions I ask myself.

Let’s look at the definition of the word injustice. It means the quality or fact of being unjust, inequity, violation of the rights of others, unjust or unfair action or treatment, an unjust or unfair act, and wrong.

Biblically, how do we handle injustice? Do we act like nothing ever happened? Do we get mad? Do we worry ourselves sick? Do we confront the offender?

Matthew 5:5 says, “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” As Christians we have interpreted the word meek to mean that we say or do nothing, we become tolerant. We have equated meekness with weakness.

The Greek word for meek is ‘praus,’ which means gentle, meek, mild, dealing with people in a kind manner, or with humility and consideration. It doesn’t mean tolerance, it means to handle situations with humility, kindness, and consideration.

It isn’t that we don’t confront issues, it means when dealing with difficult situations be kind, humble and considerate. We should not be harsh, demanding, attacking, yelling, or angry when addressing injustice.

From my personal experience I have prayed, worried, cried, and spent sleepless nights when I have observed injustice, especially when it involved one of my boys. I am learning that we aren’t always supposed to sit back quietly and accept what comes our way but after prayerful consideration, allowing emotions to cool. We can address injustice if we are humble and kind.

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