Face to Face

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Sunday, July 10, 2016 0 comments

by Ami Samuels

I was thinking about when we meet Jesus face to face, he won’t ask us about what the church did or didn’t do. He won’t ask us about what the pastor said or did. He won’t ask us about the people who hurt us.

I believe we will be accountable for our own actions and He will ask us about our words, the people we helped or didn’t help, and the condition of our heart. When we meet Jesus face to face we will be accountable for our own actions, not the actions of others.

Have you been caught up in your own hurt, allowing others actions to steal your focus from Jesus and living your life for him?

When you say things like, “Well, I can’t go to that church because so-and-so is there.” Or if we slowly pull away from The Lord because one of his children has hurt us, we are allowing our hurt by others to cause a distance in our relationship with Jesus. When we allow the enemy to trip us up in this way, we aren’t hurting the other person; the person who loses is us.

I understand what it feels like to be hurt by Christians. I am not down playing your pain. What I am saying is, that person will be held accountable for their actions one day, as will you.

Give your pain to Jesus and stop dwelling on the hurt. It will free you to move on in your relationship with the Lord and release you from the bitterness and anger that can so easily consume us.

Remember, when we meet Jesus face to face we are accountable for our lives. Did we share the gospel message in our actions and words? Did we show love? Did we strive to live as Christ lived?

Let’s examine our lives and remain focused on Jesus so that our lives reflect him, and when we meet him face to face we will know we gave our best.

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