What'd You Say 'Bout My Mama

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by Steve Risner

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After concluding an exciting series on the Resurrection last week (well, I thought it was exciting), I’m a little struck by the lack of depth in this week’s question that godofevolution.com author Tyler Francke believes is unanswerable if we hold a Biblical position. In fact, his question is nothing more than, “Man, that seems strange” sort of thing rather than a theological consideration. This week’s question that we will be answering (although the claim is “no young-earth creationist can”) is this: Why was Eve named the “mother of all life”? Now, to be honest, I think it’s a good question but, again, since I know the motive behind it, it kinda has a wet blanket thrown on it.

So Tyler seems to think it’s very strange that “immediately” after the Fall, Eve’s husband, Adam, gives her the name “Eve.” This is some sort of problem for him because the verse in question, Genesis 3:20, follows God’s declaration of the curse on mankind after the Fall. Let’s just be clear here: Tyler does not believe there was a Fall or a curse. He denies fundamental Christian theology because if he accepts it, he cannot hang on to his humanist philosophy as well. He does not believe death is the result of sin and claims the Bible does not indicate that death is a penalty for sin. He fails to understand a great deal of Scripture that indicates otherwise. He also just doesn’t seem to understand things like the sacrificial system or Christ’s death on the cross. But his problem here is more of a childish attack on Scripture than anything else. He goes so far as to say that Adam was being insensitive when he named Eve because he apparently believes the words of the curse had just fallen on their ears when he decided to name her. If she is the cause of sin and therefore death, then calling her the “mother of all living” is just mean.

Actually, I don’t think this verse necessitates that it happened the very second God pronounced the curse on mankind. However, as a side note, within that curse we find that God pronounces death on man for his sin. “…From dust you are and to dust you will return” was mentioned as a part of the consequence of sin. But keep in mind, also, that God held Adam responsible for eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. God questioned Adam first because he was the spiritual head of the family. After Adam passed the blame on to Eve, God addressed her. If you look at the curse, the primary recipient of the consequence, by volume of explanation anyway, is Adam. The serpent is second while the woman’s share of the pronouncement was fairly short. However, I’m fairly certain that all of mankind—men, women and children—have suffered the consequences of sin. But man was held responsible.

But Tyler’s entire argument here is the verse in question that describes Eve’s name is too close to the Fall to be appropriate. In other words, he’s unhappy with it so it must be a theological problem for the Bible believer (which Tyler most clearly is not). He claims this is significant because “…young-earth creationism proponents cite [the Fall] as the genesis for all death and illness and disorder and pretty much any bad thing that’s ever happened.” Since the Bible indicates this is the case, I’ll take God’s Word over the opinion of someone who has been proven Biblically illiterate every time. God’s Word tells us that death is an enemy and it will be destroyed. This seems like it wasn’t part of the original creation, then. It also says that God will wipe aware our tears, ending sorrow and mourning.

In an amusing turn of events, Tyler cites Wikipedia for the meaning of Eve’s name. This is fine, but the same reference answers the question he claims can’t be answered according to a Biblical position. He must not have read the whole thing. Why is Eve called the mother of all living? Because she’s the mother of all humans who ever lived from that point on. The only person she was not responsible for was Adam—because he was alive before her. His Wikipedia reference tells us this. “While believers accept that all subsequent humans have Eve as an ancestor, she is believed to be unique in that although all people after her were physically created from women, Eve herself was created from a man.” Had he just read a little, maybe we could have avoided this odd question to begin with. But since we’re talking about the Wikipedia reference, I’d like to point out that he’s using a source that has no interest in the truthfulness of the Bible. In fact, it tries to explain away the meaning and origin of Eve’s name by saying it was taken from pagan religions or languages. Not really the sort of source I’d like to push if I believed the Bible was God’s Word. But if I think the Bible is a bunch of stories and information collected by ignorant sheep herders in the Ancient Near East that has no divine inspiration, I may be inclined to use them.

So, in short, why is Eve named the “mother of all living”? Because she’s the mother of all humanity. Just because this fact is brought out shortly after the Fall has no bearing on its truthfulness or validity. What a strange question indeed when we consider the motive behind it. Next week we’ll address a common question skeptics (generally atheists) ask—how did Adam and Eve know what death was?

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Timothy Bradek said...

Hi Steve, first, thank you for an opportunity to put my faith to work believing Christ died for my sins (to include my nature), was buried, and rose again the third day according to the scriptures. This is the one and only Gospel of Christ, of God, of Peace, and God's wonderful grace. It is so simple a young child can understand. And as much God wants us to choose Him for eternal Life; know satan is very much appearing as God and uses 99.9% truth (AV 1611) w/ such evil and wickedness in high places. He's the Prince of this world and every one born are already condemned, spiritually dead in trespasses & sins, caught in his snare, and destined to the eternal Lake of Fire. May I just say, if God be in you, the Spirit of God's main position is to lift up our Lord God and Saviour Christ Jesus. "As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so, must the Son of man be lifted up (Jn.3:14)." The serpent on Aaron's staff healed sickness throughout the camps on Aaron staff, but they had to look up and fix their eyes believing God, it would heal. Discussions and Bible studies are fine if we keep Christ lift up; and thereby, glorify our Father in Heaven. We cannot ignore the critical importance of one's eternal destiny. Our soul is eternal because God created each one of us originally for His fellowship. God has allowed everything in this life for us to choose God the Son over the pleasures of this flesh. By not lifting up Christ, we lift up ourselves in knowledge of the scriptures. He doesn't save our flesh: the heart deceitful above all things and despertly wicked, our minds are yet carnal having enmity against God (enemies of God), our tongues full of poison and boasteth great things defiling the flesh and is a world of iniquity. God receives no honour from men, nor are we to have any confidence in the flesh for it remains corrupted and will return to dust. We serve an awesome God who happens to also be a jealous God. Tis in part, the reason of our trials, as well having to "call upon the name of the Lord" to be saved. Thanks

Steve said...

Thank you, Timothy, for your encouraging words. May God be the center and focus of everything we do!