And Justice For All (Part 6)

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Saturday, March 19, 2016 0 comments

by Nathan Buck

Last week I asked if you were willing to go where God needs to take you in order to let Him heal or restore you. The question stands for us as a nation and as the human race. Will we let God dig as deep as He needs to, no matter how difficult? What should be our attitude as we experience the process that MUST happen to get where we've asked God to take us?

Read Habakkuk 3:11-19. Habakkuk begged God for justice, and God showed him what it would take to get there. After wrestling with God, and getting over the shock of what is about to happen, Habakkuk has remembered how God has been faithful before and chooses to trust Him now. He is terrified by the power of God and the thought that the entire economy could be destroyed, and yet he chooses to trust.

Habakkuk shows his trust, by praising God - celebrating when God has been faithful before, when He has rescued before. It is this attitude of praise that demonstrates the difference between those who believe God, and those who just want a god who makes things go their way.

What Habakkuk wants costs way more than he anticipated. He learns that God cannot bring accountability for justice in one aspect and ignore injustice in other areas. Habakkuk is confronted with the choice to trust God for justice - whatever the cost - or to 'cancel' his request because it will interfere with his expectations and comfort. It is how we respond to this choice in our own lives that demonstrates whether we are truly a follower of God. This is when we decide if God is more than a vending machine for our wants. This is where the rubber meets the road in our faith.

So what about you? Have you considered the cost of what you are asking God for? Will you trust God for His best in your life, even in the challenging times, or when it's not what you expect? More importantly, will you intentionally praise God - intentionally remember and speak about His goodness - even when the path he has you on is unraveling your carefully guarded lifestyle?

Our nation is seeing an economy that is struggling, terrorism on the rise, and political corruption at all time high levels. Since this is an election year, I need to ask: Will your choice to trust God be reflected even in your vote for president? If you truly believe the answer to that is "yes," then you will not allow your vote to simply be for the lesser of two evils.

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