Love: Do We Really Understand It?

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Sunday, March 27, 2016 0 comments

by Jason DeZurik

Quick note from Jason:
What an amazing ride this Worldview Warriors journey has been for those of us involved with the ministry. I’d like to say thanks to everyone involved with this ministry on a daily and weekly basis over the years. I’d also like to say thank you to those of you involved through reading and using our resources, attending an event, and even contacting us directly. I also thank you to those of us who pray and financially support this ministry. You see, today is our 1,000th blog post for Worldview Warriors. Personally, I am just shocked. When we started this back in 2006 we didn’t know if we’d still be around, so thank you for your support and encouragement. You are greatly appreciated.

We serve an amazing God. What a gracious, loving, and powerful God we serve. He truly is almighty! On this Resurrection Sunday, I’d like to remind us that our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, defeated physical, mental, and spiritual death. He not only loves us so much to give us this amazing gift but He also is the only able to do this. Think about that for a moment. This Being is not only the Creator of all the living, but is also the Creator of things unseen. He’s the Creator of rocks, dirt, and dust. He’s the Creator of all of the “systems” we see in nature:

• Photosynthesis. Almighty God created this system.
• Cells that replicate. Almighty God created this to happen.
• Oil, coal, and even Precious Gems form. Almighty God Created that to happen.
• Babies are formed in their momma’s womb. Almighty God is the one who designed a woman’s body to do this.
• We humans want to have relationships and desire to be with others. Almighty God created this.

Friends, without this Almighty God, you and I wouldn’t even exist, let alone be able to have the opportunity to have a relationship with Him. You see, Resurrection Sunday exists because, in the incredible wisdom of this amazing God of the Universe, He knew we would desire to go our own way and not want to follow His incredible wisdom and knowledge. He knew that we as a human race would turn our backs against Him. The thing is though, He loved us. Before you and I were even born, He already loved us.

Since He knew this, he knew He needed to have a plan in order to bring us back into a right relationship with Himself. That’s how much He loves the human race, each one of us. So, He had a plan set into place. That plan? Natural law that He put into place. Bear with me for a moment and just think about this. By making a creation that was stable and steady and predictable, He was able to give we humans an amazing gift. That gift is the negative consequences to bad decisions and sinful actions, and benefits to good decisions and righteous actions. You see, too many of us seem to have forgotten this gift and too many times pray for God to take away these natural consequences that He’s put into place, even though He’s put them into place for our own good and education. Here are a couple examples to ponder:

• Drinking too much alcohol and praying for God to take away a hangover that you deserve.
• Having sex outside of the bonds of marriage and praying for a pregnancy not to happen, even though that is the natural law of the act.
• Asking God to supply one’s financial needs even when a person has gone into massive debt or has not worked for it. The natural law of this is if you do not work, you shall not eat. Also let us not forget, the borrower is slave to the lender.
• If a parent chooses not to discipline their child when they are young in order to teach good and right ways, do not be shocked when the natural law kicks in of rebellion in the teenage years.

Living out the Kingdom of God in this world really is a process. In my humble opinion, it is a bunch of if/then statements. For example:

• If someone chooses not to work in this world, then they will not eat or have shelter.
• If someone has sex outside of the bonds of marriage, then they will be bringing on the possibility of undue hardship onto their life and family.
• If a child chooses not to honor and obey his/her parents, then they will eventually bring dishonor onto themselves.
• If a husband and wife choose not to honor one another, then don’t be shocked when your children do not honor you.
• If you choose to start using powerful addicting drugs, then don’t complain when you start losing everything you know in your life.
• If you go into debt, then be prepared for worry and anxiety to take over your mind.
• If you choose to spend only what you make, then be prepared to not have now, but more than likely to have more later.
• If you give to others without expecting things in return, then people will know you as a giver and a loving person and will be apt to help you more later.
• If you live out being a person of good godly character and integrity, then you will not worry about what people say or think about you because your actions will eventually be known to everyone.
• If you and your spouse are faithful to one another, then you will save yourselves a ton of heartache and be an amazing witness and encouragement to others.

I could go on and on, but this is only the “tip of the iceberg” if you will. You see, ultimately this is all about Jesus Christ. You remember? The Creator of the Universe; the Savior of the world who wants and desires to be the Lord of your life. This day is so important because Almighty God is completely consistent! He needed to defeat death because we chose to go against Him. This is ultimate love. God lovingly made the way back into a right relationship with Him. That way? The only way?

Well, it’s Jesus Christ. The good news is that Jesus Christ, the Creator of the universe, came to earth in the form of a human baby. He lived His life here on earth without ever sinning against the Father. He went to the cross for you and for me and then died. Three days later, he defeated death and rose from the dead! He was here physically, mentally, and spiritually and defeated death! Think about that. Because of the one, the only, Almighty God, you and I can now choose to accept this free gift of eternal life and live on this planet, living for God and living out His ways. What incredible love!!!

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