It’s A Choice

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by Jason DeZurik

Recently I was told in a conversation with someone a bit younger than me basically that I didn’t understand today’s world. People have sex outside of marriage all the time, and to promote abstinence from sex before marriage and to only have sex with one person was thinking like someone from the 1920s.

While I never disagreed that people have sex before marriage, I did encourage him to actually listen to what I was saying and to stop making things up in his head, which were more than likely based off of previous conversations he had been a part of.

I shared with him that two consenting adults who decided to have sex together are making a choice and should be responsible for their actions and the consequences of their actions, whether married or not. He then said how old fashioned I was and kept attacking the position I was holding in our discussion. My position was a Biblical one based on a Biblical worldview, and he wasn’t really interested in having a conversation about it. What he was interested in, though, was imposing his “wisdom” upon me and my “old fashioned” thinking.

What this young man has done, along with many others in our society, is to make sex a “little god” in their life. This is one that so many seem willing to bow down to, while at the same time trying to evade the consequences of their choices and actions.

What do I mean? Well, please watch this video to understand a little more of what I am trying to convey:

As you can see, this person, even though she thinks she is trying to “work hard,” has really created a much more difficult situation for herself. In the process, she has bought into victim mentality, even though she has consented to her situation.

To say that sexual activity between two consenting adults is not a choice is nothing short of an attempt to take away an individual’s responsibility in regard to this act. All sexual activity between two consenting adults is always a choice.

Should we as believers in Jesus Christ educate and warn others of the sinful consequences to their actions? I believe we should, but we need to follow the example of Christ and speak out the truth in love. If our loving warning or truth we speak falls on deaf ears or is flat out ignored, then I believe we need to allow those who want to sin to go down their path of destruction. When they do this, God’s natural law to teach them the error of their ways. If someone chooses wisely, then God’s natural law will reward them or give good benefits for their actions. In this way, people get to choose to follow God’s truth or not, which is a great teacher.

When people say that someone is born a certain way regarding their sexual preference or they just cannot control themselves, they are ignoring the fact that all sexual activity between two consenting adults is still a choice. Therefore, this leads to the conclusion that when people make the claim that someone is born a heterosexual, homosexual, or whatever else comes around, this claim is basically moot because all sexual activity between two consenting adults is a choice. Therefore, any sexual activity outside of the bounds of the God-given institution of marriage, found in Genesis between one man and one woman, is a sin.

Don’t allow sexual sin to become a little god in your life. And if this has gripped you…
#1 Seek out Christ even more. Spend time in His word and in prayer.
#2 Find an accountability group to keep you focused on Christ.

There are many other things you can do as well, including contacting us at Worldview Warriors. I look forward to hearing from you with your experiences in the Lord and helping you to overcome this little god in your life.

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