The Myth of Mars

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In 1894, scientist Percival Lowell claimed that with the aid of his telescope he could make out very distinct lines on the surface of Mars. According to him, these lines were nothing less than a canal system that must have been built by extraterrestrial intelligent life; Martians! He was so convinced of this observation that he started naming the different canal systems that he observed on Mars’ surface. Eventually he started inviting his fellow scientists over to observe this incredible discovery through his telescope. Upon their observation, some of the scientists marveled at the implications of this discovery…but many of them said they saw absolutely nothing of the sort. Nobody truly saw canals on Mars. The notion that little green men live on Mars is laughable. But that’s not to say that people do not believe that life did not previously exist there nor do certain people deny the possibility that little green men may pop up in the future (

Towards the end of last year (2012), Space Rover Curiosity made a remarkable discovery. It was so exciting that the scientific community chose to wait to reveal its findings until a few weeks later. This way they could review the discovery with absolute certainty. Before unveiling this monumental find, they boasted that Curiosity’s discovery would go down in history books. They believed that they had uncovered organically based compounds on the surface of Mars.

According to evolutionists, organic compounds are one of the essential ingredients for the evolution of life. Proving that they could exist on another planet, according to their perspective, opens up the possibility that life does indeed evolve elsewhere. Of course, this assumption is absurd since chemical compounds are not essentially one step away from life; no more than what the presence of water equates to the existence of life on an alien planet.

Nonetheless, their balloon of hope quickly deflated. Despite their attempt to continue the hype over Curiosity’s discovery, it was concluded that one of the compounds was definitely not organic and the other was inconclusive (the reason being that they suspected that organic debris from Curiosity may have contaminated the sample). Before the final results, this was blown up to be the discovery of the millennium; of utmost important to man’s understanding of the universe. Very little discussion about the find took place after the disappointing results ( You would think that the scientific community would learn from its mistakes, but they are already at it again!

An article has recently come out titled Strongest evidence yet to there being life on Mars. This article does nothing more than describe how minerals altered by water were kicked up around a crater that had crashed into Mars. This has stirred up excitement again; they were quick to announce what sort of possibilities this could indicate. And I quote, “There can be no life on the surface of Mars because it is bathed in radiation and it’s completely frozen However, life in the subsurface would be protected from that. And there is no reason why there isn’t bacteria or other microbes that were or still are living in the small cracks below the surface of Mars.” (Strongest evidence yet to there being life on Mars, by telegraph reporters, quote by Professor Parnell, accessed through, 20 January, 2013). Makes you start to wonder if the inside of a watermelon is blue before you cut it…I mean, the reason why there is probably life on the inside of Mars is because life can’t possibly exist on its surface? Give me a break!

In case you are wondering what this has to do with the creation evolution debate, it’s simple: If life can be observed evolving on other planets, how can we possibly conclude that life did not evolve on earth as well? It is an attempt to eliminate the hand of the Creator God from the equation of life.

I would be slightly surprised, but not alarmed if they discover bacteria, fungus, or even plant life on other planets because they would not fall under the Biblical definition of life. Such a definition is exclusive to the animal kingdom and humans. So the discovery of these or even “organic compounds” (chemical compounds that include carbon) would not be proof of evolution in the slightest sense. However, the double standard is maddening. Christians are scrutinized for starting with their conclusions, derived from the Bible, that God created the heavens and the earth and then practice science with that in mind. Secular scientists, on the other hand, for the sake of their worldview, atheism, are empowered to make these multi-billion dollar pilgrimages to foreign planets to search for life. Upon the discovery that there is no life on the surface, they are allowed to assert that life exists beneath the surface. Such an assertion will no doubt require further exploration.

Think of the headline Strongest evidence yet to there being life on Mars. Now, think of the magazine rack by the cash register at Wal Mart. This is where such an article belongs because it is nothing more than a tabloid headline. Next thing you know, they’ll be trying to tell us that Bigfoot is a missing link…oh, wait…they already have!


Anonymous said...

What enrages me is that secular scientists get really excited about organic molecules on Mars, but most won't acknowledge that a human fetus is a living being.

Bill Seng said...

Life on earth is neglected while the possibility of life on another planet is praised. It's like a little kid who wants the scooter in the toy catalog, even though his at home is exactly the same!