More Than A Feeling

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Tuesday, April 30, 2013 2 comments

What do you do when you're in the midst of something that pushes you farther than you thought you could go?

For our family, 2012 was exceptionally challenging financially. One of those years filled with financial "emergencies" & unexpected expenses. Those challenges combined with a decrease in income were just about enough to push me over the edge.

At one point last December with $16.53 in our checking account and the savings under 1 month's living expenses, I'd reached a point thinking it was time to find another occupation that had more financial "security" than being a missionary.

But as I sought the Lord, I was reminded again that there is nothing more secure than being in the center of His will. This season of testing was another opportunity for me to grow intrusting Him even more. This test, like others before, push me to live what I teach, not just telling others to put their trust in THE PROVIDER in tough times, but to live it, then testify to God's faithfulness & provision!

It's easy when things get tough to look for a way out, but to stay where God places us until He moves us is hard! I don't like hard times, but it's in those hard times I've grown the most!

I hate to admit the number of times I've felt like quitting (seems like thousands). But my feelings can sometimes deceive me and lead me away from the place where God is developing my character.

Let me encourage you with this: Whatever "test" you may be facing now or will face in the future, remember that God is always at work in our hearts, developing our character, drawing us closer to Him, even in times when it doesn't feel good.

As you can see by this newsletter, I'm still here and committed to fulfilling God's call on my life...To learn & apply God's financial principles and help others to do the same...even when it's hard!

This is my prayer for you & me: Lord, would you help us remain steadfast; committed to following you even when it's hard, doesn't make sense or seems impossible. Let your Holy Spirit unleash a love for you that results in a growing trust to follow You, no matter the circumstances around us. May our love for you be more than a feeling!

Dan will be joining the Worship band To The Sky on the 2013 June leg of the Restore and Embrace Tour sponsored by Worldview Warriors.


Jamie Easthom said...

Thank you so much for this post, it his me right where I am right now

Anonymous said...

Thanks...I needed to hear that right now.