2022: A Year of Sovereignty

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by Charlie Wolcott

Tomorrow is New Year’s Day. There is a trend in many churches with “Word of Faith” leanings to proclaim a theme for that year in which God would do something great for you. They will call for a “year of prosperity” where you will get the job you have been looking for, or a “year of peace” where your problems will be solved. I’ve noticed that every time these proclamations are made, life never seems to do what the proclamation declares. But as I thought about what to do for starting 2022, and especially in light of what has been happening over the last two years, I want to play on this notion. I am going to declare that 2022 will be a year in which God’s sovereignty will be put on display. But isn’t God already sovereign? Absolutely. So I’m not declaring that God will come in and showcase His sovereignty and reclaim all the chaos and madness going on and settle all things. No, that’s His business. I want 2022 to be a year in which we, the church of Christ, recognize the sovereignty of God.

We may have been completely caught off guard in the U.S. with all the COVID issues, the governmental overreach, the communist take-over through the Democrat party that is nearly complete, the coup against the elections which has been going on for some time, but God put it all on display. The list goes on. Our comfortable world that we have greatly enjoyed has been turned upside down. And I am seeing people and churches blaming anything and everything for all the chaos. When the 2020 election took place, I was going through Jeremiah in my personal studies. I saw so much in common between the people of Judah in their idolatry and the U.S. today. It was startling and shocking in how close it was, with one main difference: Judah had a promise to be restored. The U.S. doesn’t. When I saw the election literally being stolen before all our eyes and no one doing anything, and seemingly powerless to do anything about it, I knew this: God was putting this country into judgment. This is not going to be a popular statement. The real cause of all this chaos is God. He is putting all our sin on full display and forcing us to see it carried out.

God is sovereign. He is in charge of everything that goes on. Every single atom obeys God at His word. It is only man who defies Him, and we do so in utter stupidity and in futility. God is going to get what He wants done no matter what we say or do. All our choices do is determine how much we drag our feet in the process and how much we get disciplined for it. God chose His heroes. Some were immediately obedient; others resisted. Noah wasn’t selected because he was a great man. He was selected because God chose him. Abraham was chosen. His descendants were chosen. Moses was chosen, even though he fought his calling. David was chosen. Jonah was chosen. Isaiah, Jeremiah, and the prophets were chosen. The disciples were chosen. Paul was chosen. Not one of the guys ever would have done what they did without God not only calling them but also equipping them and carrying them through. God is sovereign. They got through because God would not let them be touched until God had them ready to be touched.

But one thing I love about God’s sovereignty is that even God’s enemies are subject to His will. God hardened Pharaoh’s heart. God wanted Ahab to go to war and sent a lying spirit to convince the false prophets that they would be successful. God put restraints on Satan and then suggested he go after Job. One of my favorites is Judas. Even Jesus’ most ardent enemies could do nothing but fulfill Scripture. And the same will be true about what is happening now.

God is in control over every situation. He shuts doors, allows distractions, cuts off opportunities, opens others, and all to get whom He wants where He wants them. I had to spent 6 years as a substitute teacher trying to get in as a full-time teacher. I even did a long-term substitute job where it was obvious that I wasn’t going to get hired, and I was intentionally looked over. Guess what? Despite how frustrated I was, God knew what He was doing. He was holding me for the job I currently have and giving me time and practice to prepare me for what I am doing now. It took me letting go of the dream before God resurrected it. And God put me in position to be at my high school doing what I am doing with the administration I need and the teaching team I need to what I should do. He’ll change things around to keep me on my toes, but one thing I am learning still is that God is sovereign.

God is sovereign over the affairs in our nation, too. The election did not occur by surprise. God put it out there for all to see to show both ourselves and the world what kind of country we really have become. I believe we are in judgment, and I believe we have gone past the point of no return. But I still believe God, in His knowledge and wisdom that far exceeds my own, can still redirect things and give this nation a mercy drop like we’ve never seen before. God is in control, and He is setting things up for the great showdown in Revelation. He only “tarries” so that whoever can be saved will be saved. Things are going to get worse before they get better, but God is sovereign. One thing I know about why God lets things go to hell-in-a-handbasket: it is to separate the sheep from the goats. Jesus is returning; there’s no question about that. But He is coming back for a pure and spotless bride. A bride that is pure from false teachers and fakers. A bride that is cleansed from sin from within. A bride that is ready to join Him and love Him and serve Him for all eternity. God will put us through whatever He has to put us through to make us ready to meet Christ in eternity. So, everything we are experiencing and going through has that as the end goal.

This year, I think things are going to get much worse. We can’t rely on the retaking of Congress in 2022. There is no promise that will happen, and even if we could, it may be too late, especially at the rate things have plummeted in just one year. As Christians, our hope is not in the USA. Our hope is in Christ. We must remember this. Yes, we want freedom to win out. We want truth to end up on top. It will, but it might not be until Christ returns for it to be realized again. Yet in all that, Christ is still sovereign. He is in charge of everything, and nothing passes without His direct allowance or command. No matter how crazy things get, let us take rest that God is in control and let us seek what our next step should be. Side note: don’t read what I’m not saying. I am NOT saying we should just let things go. God raises heroes for times such as these and calls for action. But in the meantime, let us rest in God’s hands, take action where we must, and be ready for whatever God throws at our way. This will be a fun year walking with the Lord and the adventure He has for us. Get ready.

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