Idolatry: Adultery

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by Charlie Wolcott

Disclaimer: This post contains sexual details that may not be suitable for our younger audiences.

“You shall not commit adultery.” -Exodus 20:14

We live in a sex-charged society. Sexual depravity is exceedingly rampant and in the last ten years, I’ve seen a change in society. No longer are people hiding their sexual depravity; they are flaunting it in arrogance as though they are daring God to do something about it. There are many forms of sexual depravity. I’ll name them, because this commandment doesn’t apply to just one form of it.

Adultery: Having sex with someone outside of marriage
Affair: A married person sleeping with someone not their spouse
Bestiality: People having sex with animals
Bisexual: Having sexual attraction/activity with both genders
Drag Queen: Men dressing up as women (the reverse is also applicable here)
Fornication: Sexual activity with anyone prior to marriage
Homosexuality: Having sex with someone of the same gender (male-male or female-female)
Oral Sex: The act of using the mouth for sex
Pedophilia: Having sex with children (usually prepubescent, but teens count here too)
Polygamy: Being married to multiple people at the same time
Sodomy: The act of anal sex
Transgender: Declaring yourself a different gender than what you biologically are

There is only one thing in this list that isn’t publicly accepted yet: pedophilia, but there’s a big movement to change that. See my post from last summer about it how that’s happening. Polygamy is accepted in Utah, where the Mormons dominate culture. I still remember when these actions were considered not just immoral but also insanity. It wasn’t long ago when homosexuality was considered a mental illness. The Bible describes male prostitutes as perverted persons. The book of Romans describes these behaviors as being unnatural and a result of a “reprobate/debased” mind. And it’s not merely adults who do this in their rebellion against God. Numerous children are being seduced into engaging in this behavior, and there’s no age limit to their lusts.

Adultery is a serious issue. Paul describes all sexual sin as a sin against the body, not just against God. God has designed the body to have “in-holes” and “out-holes.” When the purposes of these holes are misused, it does physical damage to the body. There are other side effects of sexual activities besides just the STDs, some of which are too graphic to describe here. I’ll compare it to drinking. While someone might have “fun” while they are actively drinking, they don’t tell you about the immediate and long-lasting side effects that are not fun. The same is true about sexual promiscuity. Just like abortion, there is no safe way to do it. Along with teaching the kids how to act sexually, they also teach the kids to get abortions and give out condoms without parents’ direct consent. Satan plays dirty and he loves going after precious, innocent life… especially children.

How does idolatry play a role here? It’s often not mentioned, but a large majority of the rituals of the Ancient Near East in their worship involved sexual orgies. The image of Asherah was shaped as a penis. I’m not joking. The Greek gods had all sorts of sexual issues. It can be rightfully said that much of the problems in Greek mythology would have been easily solved if Zeus had simply kept his pants zipped. No matter where you went, if the ancient idols were involved, sexual deviancy went with it. It was said that during the “party” of Israel’s Golden Calf in Exodus 32, there was singing, dancing, drunkenness, and when any of that is involved, you know sex is happening along with it. Sexual depravity is how Balaam told Balak to get Israel to effectively commit suicide by seducing their men with his women. When the kings tore down the high places where these idols were worshiped, there is also mention of removing the prostitutes of the temples, both male and female. Yes, men served at the temples for giving sexual pleasure to the “customers.” And it was not just adults serving these idols; so did many children, mostly young girls. In India, many young girls work at the Hindu temples serving as sex workers. Amy Carmichael was able to rescue and raise 300 of these girls.

There’s nothing new under the sun. The temples of the Ancient Near East haven’t gone away. They’ve just changed forms. We call them “Adult clubs” or “brothels” today. There are the dance areas in the front side of the store, then there are the rooms in the back where what takes place is too graphic to describe on a Christian forum. In third-world countries, these clubs/brothers are also occupied by young children, who are sold and trained for “performance” at/or by age five. Even in Europe, there are buildings used for boy or girl sex and you knew which room had which by the color curtains. When sexual depravity is practiced and embraced by society, no one is safe, and no one is “out of bounds.” Fortunately, here in the U.S., we aren’t there yet. Pedophiles dread going to prison because that is the “no-no” crime among the prison culture and they often get what they did to the kids done to them.

However, there is an aspect of modern culture where adultery is directly taught as approved by idolatrous practices: the cults. Jude 3-4 says there are two keys to watch for to identify a false teaching: denying Christ and teaching an immoral act as being good, namely sexual immorality. The Church of Thyatira was a generally good church, but they had a false teacher who was among them, permitted to speak, and taught sexual behavior was good. The Church of Pergamum had the same issue. When you are looking at a genuine cult, there is sexual immorality somewhere taught in that group. Let’s examine a couple.

Mormonism: Mormon theology is primarily about sex. Men were to have as many wives as possible so they could have as many children as possible. Then when they get to heaven, they will become their own gods and with their many wives get to have many spiritual babies to rule their own planet. The idolatry of the false god of Mormonism teaches sexual depravity.

Islam: One of the promises given to a faithful Muslim is to have seven virgins waiting for him in heaven. While they do teach specifically against homosexuality (killing them), and they demand women to remain chaste, Muhammad was a pedophile. He “married” a 9-year-old girl and raped her. It is a common practice for very young girls to be “married” to men along with others to be part of the harem. Polygamy is part of Islam, too.

The strange cults of Branch Davidians (David Koresh) and others like him would renounce the marriages of those in the cult so David Koresh could produce his “apostles” by his own seed. In these cults, the “guru” is usually some sexually depraved maniac, and with his skills in charisma can control the minds of his followers.

I can go on and on, but I’ll wrap up with this. In Romans 1, the denial of God as Creator leads to a denial of God’s moral standards. When a society takes this path, sexual deviancy is frequently the highlighted form of sin. When the True God is not viewed as being on the throne, then any sexual deviancy becomes permissible and to justify his lusts, man will come up with any god he chooses to justify it. In American society, the secular/atheistic worldview has become the idolatrous religious. Yes, I will say that “no God” is just as much as an idol as any other false god. When “no God” is the religion, what takes God’s place is a combination of government/society and self, and that becomes “god.” And when you are your own “god,” whatever sexual desires you have will be fulfilled. It is a great evil and any basic study of world history will reveal that when homosexual and pedophilic practices are embraced by the culture, that culture’s doom shortly followed. Idolatry leads to adultery in all its forms. It also is a theft of that which belongs to God. That will be for next week, when we look at idolatry as a practice of stealing.

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