Words 3: Brainwashing in Science

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by Charlie Wolcott

Last week, I wrote about brainwashing and how it has been used as a weapon to subdue the whole populous into believing false teachings. Today, I am going to dig into how this brainwashing works, namely in academia and through the issue of origins. The one who really dislodged this series topic was Ian Juby. He is a member of the Creation Research Society in Canada and is in the process of publishing the 3rd edition of his teaching on Creation titled “Complete Creation” to YouTube. It’s a massive 20-hr session and it is in the 11th part (30 minutes long) where he really scored on a major issue in my opinion.

When you hear the term “geologic column,” what comes to mind? Typically you’d immediately think of something like this. It is a variation of the standard geology/biology textbooks in which you have the different rock layers by name and the fossils found within them and the long Deep Time ages associated with them. Now catch what I said there. The image that comes to mind includes the interpretations of millions of years based on Evolutionary thinking. It is nearly impossible to hear of the Jurassic Layer and not think of 65 million years ago. It is nearly impossible to think of the Cambrian Rocks and not think of the sudden explosion of phylum and life forms found in the rocks. Why? Because we’ve been brainwashed to think that. The rock layers and fossils themselves have nothing to do with Deep Time or Evolutionary thinking. There is all sorts of science that gives legitimate question to the Deep Time methods, but that’s outside the scope of this post.

Juby points out through this video segment where these rock layers got their name. It is completely irrelevant to the story of how they got there. The rock layers were named for the location where that type of rock was first found and studied. It has nothing to do with Deep Time. And yet because of this brainwashing, even some of the Young Earth Creation scientists have fallen for the trap of trying to take this image about the geologic column according to Evolutionary thinking and interpret it in accordance to Flood geology. Some have mistakenly used the term “geologic column” thinking of the actual rock layers found in the earth, but not the image in the textbooks, when their audience would automatically think of the textbook image.

Juby points out a major problem with this whole issue. That image, that idea of the geologic column that most people have, does not exist in the real world. It only exists in textbooks, museum displays, and the imaginations of people. There is no place in the world where the column as depicted in those images actually is present, yet just mentioning the rock layers gives the image of those textbooks. This can only be explained through brainwashing, because those who have not been brainwashed and been out in the field, looking at the rocks themselves, will see that the story that is being told isn’t actually real. And those who still think in terms of Deep Time will ignore the entire dig site except for that which matches their story.

The fossils within them also are not as depicted. There is no actual organization of the actual fossils that can showcase any order. Any paleontological dig will showcase it. Juby showcases Dinosaur Monument and the Joggins Formation in Nova Scotia where he personally saw what was there, and what we find is a total mishmash of fossils with no real order or sequence to them. Evolutionists have so dominated the academic world that it takes an intentional thought process to NOT think of Evolution when examining things that actually have nothing to do with showcasing Evolution. Rocks don’t come with age tags nor do the fossils.

This issue shows itself in the search for oil. I get asked often if the Flood model was correct, how can anyone find oil? The claim is that finding oil depends upon Deep Time geology. I am still waiting for them to show me how putting a label on a rock determines how to find oil. The search uses patterns found in the rock types where oil has been found and looks for repeating patterns. The age of the earth or how it was formed is totally irrelevant to finding oil. But the process of brainwashing and forces many to think “rock layer” equates to “millions of years” when that is not actually true.

I’m going to make a bold statement here that might offend some in academia. If you studied biology, geology, chemistry, physics, history, anthropology, etc. and the only thing you know about them is the Evolutionary side of things, I’m going to say you never learned that field. If you cannot comprehend biology without thinking about Evolutionary processes, or geology without thinking about naturalistic Deep Time models, you did not learn biology or geology in school. You learned Evolution and secular humanistic naturalism. The fields themselves, when FULLY investigated, show NOTHING that supports Deep Time or the Evolutionary worldview.

Ken Ham has often said that secularists have hijacked science to make it fit their agenda. In my opinion he’s right about that, but he often falls short of giving an accurate explanation as to how or why. I wrote my article on Methodological Naturalism a few weeks before I heard Juby address this issue, but that is another area that demonstrates this use of words to brainwash people into believing Evolution. Just in hearing the word “science,” the image of pure naturalism comes to mind. It’s simply not true, but we’ve been brainwashed to think that way. Here is how the process works. I’ll use two examples, Evolution with Science, and Abortion with Women’s Health.

First, they associate the concept they want to introduce with something we all agree with. In this case, Evolution is declared to be an examination of science. It is just one of the fields. With abortion, it was promoted as protecting women’s health, especially in the name of dangerous pregnancies. After a bit of saturation and acclimation to the idea, then there is what’s called “jamming.” Jamming is the process in which someone questions what is going on and instead of addressing the claim, they attack the person. Here is how it works. We Creationists reject Evolution for many reasons, Biblical and scientific, but the Evolutionary defenders attack us as being anti-science. Why? Not because the science backs up Evolution, but because they were brainwashed to think that Evolution is a part of science like chemistry or physics. It’s not, but that is what people have been taught. So the problem, according to them, is not our argument; the problem is with us. With abortion: to say we are against the murder of babies is to them saying we are against women being healthy. The two are completely separate issues. It’s a form of mockery and insulting with the intention and purpose of getting people to turn against you because you are against all sorts of good things. In reality, you are against a very bad thing pretending to be a good thing. Their accusations in this jamming are that because we reject their ideas regarding Evolution and abortion, we must also therefore completely reject all science and all women’s health. They think this because they have been brainwashed to think the two are synonymous.

This is a very effective tactic, and it is part of the “Hegelian Dialectic.” (Check out this presentation series to get much greater detail.) It’s a process where a facilitator brings in a group of people and presents the current idea (namely a conservative fact/truth) in a bad light. They then bring in a totally ludicrous idea to counter that. Then the facilitator works the crowd using these brainwashing and jamming tactics to get people to turn on anyone who stands for the truth and to settle to an already pre-determined conclusion, all the while getting the crowd to think it was their idea. It’s all done with the power of words and manipulation of emotion. It’s never done with facts, logic, or reasoning that can be verified independently. Evolution and the leftist ideas we face today depend upon this process.

How did this brainwashing in science get started? While most of those who had tried to promote any idea counter to the Bible were easily marked, identified, and correctly booted out prior to 200 years ago, there was one very clever guy named Charles Lyell. I had known that Lyell was a liar and a deceiver, falsifying data to get ages of time for Niagara Falls that exceed that of the Bible. I knew his motive was to free the sciences from Moses, but again I’m citing Ian Juby for pointing it out. Lyell revealed in a personal letter that if he was to get people to disbelieve the Bible without offending its believers, it would be through creating his own history. So let me spell that out for you: Charles Lyell literally invented Deep Time from his own imagination for the purpose of getting people to disbelieve the Bible and to get them to do so without being offended that this is being done. The very idea of “millions of years” is a pure fantasy. And he did it through a simple phrase: “The present is the key to the past.” With this phrase, he automatically eliminated Noah’s Flood from being an option to investigate, without ever bringing up the Flood or the Bible. It’s a classic lawyer tactic to discredit the other side when it is nothing but a fantasy story attempting to explain the facts and discredit the other side. The whole thing was a sham and people believed it, especially a guy names Charles Darwin. It was all through the power of brainwashing and hijacking vocabulary.

We have to be careful about what we read and who we listen to, because I have news for you: this process is being used heavily in the church today, too. Next week, I’ll address how these tactics are being using in the church, and in two weeks, I’ll wrap up this series with the answer to it: the Words of Life which come from God.

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Unknown said...

Very nicely presented and elucidated. Both subjects that you use as examples are true and commonly used (evolution and abortion), and people who support either of them get highly agitated when given facts against either of them. Clearly, as you deftly show, it is not a matter of truth or facts when related to either evolution and abortion, but rather it is the deep and effective brainwashing that people have undergone, without ever realizing it. It takes patience and prayer when discussing these topics with people who have been brainwashed...but it is a worthwhile endeavor....that seldom bears fruit.