For Such a Time as This

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by Jason DeZurik

We are living in such interesting times. Back in 2007 when I decided to go full time with the ministry of Worldview Warriors, I was still leading a youth ministry that was quite successful. Leaving that position seemed rather foolish to some. Some friends and I realized that not only did the youth of our day need to be taught more about what a solid Biblical foundation is, but how to live out that faith in the real world. So, we set out on what we saw as a God-sized endeavor: the ministry of Worldview Warriors.

We believed God was calling us to reach out to youth, their parents, and their grandparents by equipping them with solid Biblical truth, and to encourage them to live out their faith in the public square. Much of this was done through events and conferences around the country for a time. We could already see at that time that the world was changing drastically, and that reaching more and more people consistently would become easier and easier as the internet grew and became much more stable in the world we live in today. Earlier on, the ministry struggled with finances so much that we couldn’t have our own land line and only had a cell phone for extreme cases to make calls. We paid for phone service through the Internet back then, even though it was not a tried and tested technology. We did this in order to save money and be wise with what we were spending. I even had some people I consider very wise men of the world and in Christ warn me not to use this new technology because no one knew if it would really get the job done, or if it would just fail and make things even more difficult on us and the ministry. Things have changed so much and our world is so different, even from just 10 years ago.

I am so thankful for what God had done in and through this ministry, and I am so thankful for those who choose to support this ministry financially and prayerfully. Without those people being involved and believing in this ministry, we would have failed so long ago. You have spurred us on and continue to spur us on to advance the Kingdom of God here on earth. For that we are thankful.

As we continue to take ground from the enemy, now is the time to keep moving forward. It is not a time to retreat or try and just dig a “foxhole” and hold ground. We believe it is time to continue the advance and we need you to help with that effort.

We are having a Celebration/Fundraising Dinner to be held on Monday, October 29, starting at 6:00pm. This event will take place at Trinity Evangelical Church located at 108 Malabar Dr. in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. This is a free event, and an opportunity to support the ministry financially will be given during the evening. The theme will be, “For such a time as this,” based off of the text found in Esther 4:14.

We are so pleased that worship leader Mike Sooy from Old Fort Church and his band “Hoopty Hoo and the Such” will lead worship for the evening. A silent auction will also take place, and we are currently taking donations for this silent auction. Available at the silent auction will be some matted and framed prints of the original art from Scott Harshbarger that will be found in Logan Ames’ upcoming book, “The Heroes of The Faith,” a look at the heroes we find in Hebrews 11. Please write us at if you’d like to make a donation to the auction.

A State of the Ministry address will be given by yours truly. Pastor and Worldview Warriors blogger David Odegard has agreed to share that evening as well. This is a great opportunity to meet some of our board members, radio volunteers, and bloggers.

The main meal will be served around 6:30pm. For the meal we will be serving sliced beef and glazed grilled pork with the following options for side dishes: cheesy potato casserole, wild rice, and Caribbean vegetable blend with broccoli, yellow carrots, whole green beans, red pepper strips. For dessert there will be an assortment of choices, including pies, cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, and pumpkin roll. I am excited to share that the meal will be prepared by Special Occasions Catering from Upper Sandusky, Ohio. I am so pleased that they have decided to help with this event and make it a reality.

This is a free event to anyone who would like to support or has supported the ministry of Worldview Warriors, or who would like to find out more information about what we do. Thank you so much to all of you who have supported the ministry up to this point. I really believe the best is yet to come! I hope you will prayerfully consider joining us at this exciting event. Now is the time to keep the supply lines moving as we continue to press on and move forward into enemy territory for the Kingdom of God, for such a time as this!

See you on Monday, October 29th. If you would like to attend this event, please RSVP no later than Monday, October 22nd by emailing me at or by calling me at 419-835-2777. If you are unable to make it to the dinner but would still like to make a donation to the ministry, you can do that online here or send your donation to Worldview Warriors, PO Box 681, Findlay, Ohio 45839. We appreciate you so much! God bless!

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