The Faith of Moses' Parents: Part 2

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by Logan Ames

A few years ago, I heard about the amazing story surrounding the birth of Tim Tebow, who is known for his athletic achievements at the University of Florida, in the NFL, and recently as he has moved up the minor league system for baseball’s New York Mets. However, he is well-known beyond his sports accomplishments, as he is perhaps the most outspoken of any Christian professional athlete in recent memory. Tebow has faced overwhelming support and also harsh criticism for his public displays of faith. He goes on speaking tours and shares the gospel message, has written multiple books, and started the Tim Tebow Foundation, which does a lot of charitable work and events including “Night to Shine,” a celebration specifically designed to provide a prom-like experience for teenagers with special needs. The work of Tim Tebow and those who partner with him has touched millions of lives.

If Tim’s parents had followed the recommendation of doctors in the Philippines 30 years ago, he would’ve never seen this world. As this recent article explains, Tim’s mother, Pam Tebow, had complications very early in her pregnancy. The Tebow family was doing missionary work in the Philippines and Pam contracted amoebic dysentery, which is common in places where there is a lack of clean water. Not knowing she was pregnant, doctors prescribed Pam strong antibiotics and she took them. When she later found out she was pregnant, the medication was stopped, but doctors told her that her fetus had already been severely damaged by the medication. When she then began to bleed early in her pregnancy, doctors told her she should abort the baby so that her own life would not be at risk. They even tried to justify their recommendation by convincing her that it wasn’t actually a life, but a mass of tissue similar to a tumor. It was only because of their faith in God and his plan that Mr. and Mrs. Tebow chose to trust him and go forward with the birth, believing that God had a purpose for the life he allowed to be created. Tim was born after having only a very tiny portion of the placenta attached for most of the pregnancy, so the doctors described him as a “miracle baby."

As Pam and Tim Tebow have both traveled the country telling their story, some 5 million women have chosen not to kill their babies after hearing it. Sometimes, we have to overcome fear, anxiety, or even physical pain to experience the blessing that God intends. If we thought Tim Tebow’s entrance into the world was a difficult situation, we’ll see that it doesn’t even compare to the birth of Moses, recorded in Exodus 2:1-10. His birth comes on the heels of Pharaoh’s attempts to “deal shrewdly” (Exodus 1:10) with the Israelites to keep them from becoming a threat by joining with Egypt’s other enemies. He had a good plan, according to a worldly view. First, he oppressed them with hard labor. When that didn’t work, he moved forward with partial-birth abortions, and then ultimately, infanticide. Being “shrewd” isn’t always a bad thing. Jesus even tells his disciples in Matthew 10:16 to be “as shrewd as snakes and innocent as doves” when he is sending them out for ministry. But we must know there is a big difference between being shrewd within God’s will and being shrewd AGAINST God’s will. The former uses what God created within us, while the latter exposes the folly of those who ignore or even completely reject the presence of the Creator in their lives.

Pharaoh thought he had control over the Israelites by ordering that all Hebrew male babies be thrown into the Nile River (Exodus 1:22), but God’s plan would not be foiled. When Pharaoh first tried to oppress the people, Exodus 1:12 tells us, “The more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and spread." This became the mark of God’s people all throughout history. The Church grew the most in the first few centuries after Christ was crucified, when Christians faced some of the most intense persecution of all time. Even today, Christianity is growing fastest in nations in Asia and Africa where persecution is the strongest, while it’s declining in America and Europe where believers are most comfortable. As the ancient Christian writer Tertullian said, “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church." We must never shy away from persecution or hardships because God may just be using it to grow our faith and testify to others.

After Pharaoh’s first plan didn’t work, he ordered the Hebrew midwives to kill the babies if they are male while the mothers are in the process of delivering, but the midwives disobeyed his orders and justified it by saying that the Hebrew women are more vigorous and give birth before they arrive (Exodus 1:19). This is a perfect example of being shrewd within God’s will. They likely did not lie. What is one thing that might cause pregnant women to become more “vigorous”? I’d say hard and oppressive labor would do the trick! So then Pharaoh gives the command to kill babies that are already alive. In America, we think that’s a heinous act and equate it to murder, while at the same time allowing unborn babies to be torn apart. Friends, if we don’t continue to stand up and do whatever we can to eradicate the evil that is abortion, don’t be surprised if we someday get to the point where we are finding justifications for killing LIVING children that are getting in the way of OUR plans. There is no limit to the depravity of man.

Moses’ parents did not fear Pharaoh’s order (Hebrews 11:23), but trusted by faith that God had a plan for their beautiful son no matter what would happen to them. Exodus 2:1-10 reveals that Moses’ mother decided to place him in a “papyrus basket” (the KJV calls it an “ark," so think about that for a moment and study it if you have the time) and put him into the Nile when he was three months old and they could not hide him any longer. Once again, we see an example of shrewdness that is WITHIN God’s plan. Technically, she didn’t break Pharaoh’s order because she did place the boy in the Nile. Nevertheless, she had to let go of her treasured son and trust God. You parents out there know what it’s like to spiritually give your children over to the Lord, but try doing that literally and physically! It’s hard for us to even fathom this level of faith.

As it turned out, God’s plan was to reward Moses’ parents beyond what they could possibly imagine. Pharaoh’s daughter discovers the baby floating down the river and has sympathy for him. When she realizes it’s a Hebrew baby, Pharaoh has the baby’s OWN MOTHER brought to her so that she could nurse the baby and raise him until he was older. And on top of that, Pharaoh’s daughter even pays Moses’ mother to raise him! When he was older, he became Pharaoh’s daughter’s son, putting him in position to rule in Egypt and eventually lead his people out of their oppression and captivity. We couldn’t make up a better story if we tried! Sure, there will always be people devaluing life and rejecting God’s intended plans. And it may seem like we have no way out. But God gives us the ability to be innocent and shrewd at the same time. And as long as we are acting within his will and honoring him as Savior, Lord, and Creator, we can wait with confidence and anticipation of the deliverance that we know is coming. Let your faith be your hope and your evidence of all that God will do for those who trust him!

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