Personal Thanksgiving and Praise

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Tuesday, December 9, 2014 0 comments

by Bill Seng

This might seem a little delayed, but I would like to share some thanksgiving and praise from my life. I would have to embellish quite a bit to make my story sound exciting, so instead, I am just going to describe things in my life that have been a real blessing.

First of all, I have been blessed with a new job. It was a great blessing working for my previous employer and now that I am working for a new business, I have had the opportunity to make new friends with different backgrounds. I have really enjoyed getting to know my new co-workers and finding ways that I can be a blessing to them.

Second, my wife has recently been hired in to a new job as well! To me it is not ideal that my wife holds a permanent position, since we both agree that she has been happy staying home with our son for the past year and a half. But for the time being it is a true blessing to have the extra income to help us pay our bills.

Third, our son, Jaden, is almost a year and a half old! It is so incredible how quickly time passes and it is incredible how quickly he is growing. He has been a true blessing to our family. He brings a degree of joy to everyone that we never knew was possible. This has especially been a blessing because God has made it clear to us that he would be a blessing to everyone around him. We ask only that others would pray for us and him as he grows and matures.

The Lord also has many things in store for my wife and I for this upcoming year. I am currently in the process of revising my book The World That Then Was so that I can re-release it through Amazon's self-publishing tool, Create Space. My wife and I have been managing a business outside of our jobs that both of us have been stepping up our involvement in. And I am probably going to be seeking more preaching opportunities in this new year with churches, nursing homes, and other venues if at all possible.

I am excited about everything coming our way. I believe that God has great plans for our family, as he does for everyone in his family. Although I don't like the cold weather that much, this time of year is a wonderful time to reflect on what God has been doing for us and what he has done for us. It is incredible that we get to have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s so close together since they are very complementary in their intentions so long as we keep in mind what the true meaning of each holiday really is. I hope everyone is able to enjoy this season to the glory of God!