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When you saw the title for this blog, you may have the same question in your head as I did when I sat down to write it - “How does the word unadulterated connect with the Bible?” To help us on our quest to find out, I did what many people would do; I googled it. Google’s definition for unadulterated is, “not mixed or diluted with any different or extra elements; complete and absolute.”

Having that knowledge now, the question for today is this: Is your faith unadulterated? What I mean by that is, is your faith true to God’s Word and purpose, or does it have all sorts of other things mixed in with it? We should desire to have an unadulterated faith, not mixed in with anything that could corrupt it.

I grew up in a very traditional church, and there were many rituals that were followed. For example, the pastors always wore the traditional robes and such; the cloth decorations at the front of the worship area were the right color for the season; certain words were said during every service; etc. While there is nothing wrong with any of these things, where in the Bible does it say that during the summer (a.k.a. the Sundays after Epiphany) all of the cloths have to be green? Or where does it provide the wardrobe description for the person preaching the Word? It doesn’t. Those things are elements that were mixed in with my faith growing up, because of the tradition my family was a part of. Placing emphasis on these things rather than knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior could dilute a person’s faith.

However, there are many other, more harmful things that could cause a person’s faith to not be unadulterated. For example, I have had conversations with many people who believe that God created the world by using the process explained in the theory of evolution. The theory of evolution is dangerous to mix with a faith in the Bible, because it gives an incomplete faith. If a person believes in evolution, then sin and death existed before humans did, then Adam and Eve did not commit the first sin, then the whole rest of the Bible’s story of redemption is unnecessary. This is why a true, unadulterated faith is vitally important.

If you claim to be a follower of Christ, take a look at your faith and the way you live out your life. Do you have an unadulterated faith, or have you subtly mixed in other things that are taking over? Are you focusing only on the unadulterated Word of God, or do you allow the teachings of the world to creep in and dilute your faith? I challenge you today to pursue a completely unadulterated faith - one that is not mixed or diluted with any different or extra elements, one that is placed completely and absolutely in Jesus Christ.