Ten Commandments for Wives

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  1. Honor your womanhood that your days may be long in the house which your husband has provided for you.
  2. Expect not your husband to give you as many luxuries as your father has after many years of hard labors and economies.
  3. Forget not the virtue of good humor, for verily all that a man has will he give for a woman’s smile.
  4. You shall not nag.
  5. Remember the frank approval of your husband is worth more to you than the sidelong glances of many strangers.
  6. You shall coddle your husband, for verily every man loves to be fussed over.
  7. Forget not the grace of cleanliness and good dressing.
  8. Permit no one to assure you that you are having a hard time of it: Neither your mother, nor your sister, maiden aunt, nor any of your relatives; for the judge will not hold her guiltless that lets another disparage her husband.
  9. Keep your home with all diligence, for out of it comes the joys of your old age.
  10. Commit your ways unto the Lord, and your children shall rise up and call you blessed.

by Henry W. Mack


Antonia said...

Nagging... what's nagging. I prefer to call it the to do list! ha