Respect God and His Ways

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Wednesday, July 8, 2009 0 comments

If you call yourself a Christian, do you actually do what the Word of God says?  Sure you read it, pray, and go to Sunday morning services, but do you actually live out the Word of God?  Do you only try to be a good person and just get by doing only the easy things it teaches?  Are you seeing or living out Acts 2:38-47?
Are you living out God’s dream or the American dream?  Maybe living out your dream has nothing to with God’s dream for you.  I ask this question because once my family and I started seeking out God’s will with all of out heart, mind, soul, and strength and quit worrying about what people thought of us, the real adventure began.
I think there are people out there that know what God wants them to do, but they are afraid to follow Him because of what their friends and family might say or think.  Also, some people are not willing to give up their comfortable lifestyle.
My family and I don’t really buy a lot of new things anymore, but we do share with a lot of people and they share with us.  A great example of this was the other morning we ran out of milk.  I was just about to go buy some when a friend showed up at the door with 3 gallons.  It was like 8:00 in the morning! We’ve also been given clothes that others have outgrown or no longer need.  Some of these clothes are nicer than what we would have bought new for ourselves.  We give clothes to others as well.  It is really incredible to see God bless His children through His people.
Another way God blesses us is through our health care plan.  We belong to a co-op called Samaritan Ministries.  It is a group of Christians that help pay for each other’s health care costs.  We pray for each other and share the load financially.  We send our monthly check to someone in need in the co-op.  For example, my oldest son needed to go to the emergency room for care at our local hospital.  We let the need be made known to the co-op and we received checks from our Christian brothers and sisters to help pay for the emergency visit.
I want to encourage my Christian brothers and sisters to rethink how we do life here on earth.  If we really believe this earth is not our home, we need to have a kingdom perspective and build up treasures in heaven rather than treasures here on earth.  I encourage you again to read the book of Acts 1-4 and start living what you are reading.  If we put our faith in God and not man, our example will be seen by all.
Fear God and not men.  This essentially means respect our Father God.  He deserves it. 
For further reading check out Joshua 24:15 and Romans 3:21-31.