The Romans 1 Spiral

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by Charlie Wolcott

Netflix recently released a movie called "Cuties,” which is about a group of 11-year-old girls who are part of a “twerking” dance group in which they engage in very sexually explicit dances. The director claims this movie about the problems of exposing the sexualization of children and that “it is supposed to shock you,” however what followed was a massive backlash not just against this movie but against Netflix for showing it. What I saw in this movie, of which I know nothing about other than the talk on social media, dislodged something in me that I’ve seen for the last two years in particular about how our nation has fallen to the point where the media and numerous outlets are pushing to “normalize” child sexuality. I spoke with my fellow Worldview Warriors bloggers about how to address this, and with some back and forth, what has come out will be this three-post series on how a person/nation falls into utter depravity.

There is a pattern laid out in Romans 1:18-32 that showcases how this all happens. It comes in three stages so I will address the first stage today. Next week, I will address this pattern I’ve seen, and then in two weeks, I will showcase what happens as a result of all this.

Verse 18 gives a summary which I will come back to later in this series. Then, Romans 1:19-20 tells of the start of this spiral into depravity. It starts with describing the two witnesses which testify to every person of the fact and existence of God. These two witnesses are 1) Creation and 2) Conscience. Take note that the first thing that Paul notes as where the fall into depravity starts is in rejecting 1) that God is the Creator then 2) that God is sovereign and is the moral standard over all life. When God is no longer Creator, He is no longer able to hold man accountable for his choices. This is no small matter. Those who have been following me for any length of time will notice I talk about origins quite a bit. And while there is a danger to become so fixated on Genesis that we miss Jesus, there is a greater danger of ignoring Genesis and missing the entire thing.

I have to make this as crystal clear as I can. EVERY origins model’s core, with the exception of one, denies God as Creator. Only one model, shared by three religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam by all sharing the same origins text) gives a six-day creation and a recent history only lasting a few thousand years. Take notice that these three religions are the only ones that even posit the idea of a “one True God” (and only Christianity gets it correct, but that is for another time). Every other model, including all the “Old Earth” models, does not have God as a “Creator.” If they have god at all, he (I meant this to be lower case) is merely a facilitator and a “starting energy,” but not an active designer nor creator, nor is he the true ruler of the universe. All these other models try to force God to be subservient to the “laws of nature.” I’m not being facetious when I say this. When you listen to any of these Old Earth teachers, their “god” is science. That is their authority, taken without question, and to challenge them on those grounds is seen in the same way a Muslim handles a challenge against Muhammad. They have rejected the Creator and the account that the Creator has given us about what He did and turned to worshiping the creation instead. The secularists say they have replaced the gods with science. They are correct. They have replaced man-made deities, which accounted for the laws of nature, with dead formulas instead, but it’s still the same pagan worship of the creation.

When the Creator is rejected, moral standards directly follow. I hear stats that 90% of church denominations teach some form of Old Earth model (I am still waiting for verification on this one from those who claim it). I’m also seeing that more and more of these same churches are now affirming same-sex marriage, do not think sex before marriage is a sin, think it is more important to save the whales than to live a pure and holy life, and the list goes on. I believe that when you open the door for “interpretation” on origins, you allow that door to be opened further on morality. I hear the exact same argument style to suggest that Creation could not be 6 literal days or the Flood could not be global in extent as I hear that the Bible “supports” homosexuality. The same argument style is to muddy the waters by saying an explicit phrase really doesn’t meant what it says, and then insert an opinion in the space, despite the text never giving any support to that opinion. These are tied together.

What happens next? They claim high academic credentials. They profess to be wise. But the Bible does not speak well of the “educated” of this world. Paul, the academic of all academics, saw the futility of his pursuit of knowledge and threw it all away to go after Christ. They think they learned anything at all, but they became fools. I’ll be frank. Some of the PhDs I’ve met are among the most ignorant people I’ve met. They think they learned things like “science” but all they know is pure “secular humanist naturalism.” Proverbs says there is no wisdom, no counsel, or understanding against God. Paul scoffs at them too for knowing nothing. And what happens at this point? God turns them over to their desires.

I’ll cover that next week, but I want to do a little history lesson here. The Baby Boomers still alive will remember this lesson, but few have made the connections I will showcase. For most of our nation’s history, we taught out of the Bible, from the homes to the church schools and even the public schools. To teach the alphabet, each letter started a phrase that pertained to the Gospel. It started with A for Adam. Yes, the New England Primer for kids’ education was based on the Bible and the Gospel. But then came a man named Charles Darwin and his theory of Evolution. Without going into details, debates raged on about Evolution and Biblical Creation, and compromises quickly took root. Samuel Wilberforce debated Thomas Huxley in 1860 and effectively lost because he didn’t know how to answer the misused probability formula to disprove the necessity for God (as told by A.E. Wilder-Smith). And William Jennings Bryan defended Creation at the Scopes Trial in 1925 but could not defend his history (as told by Ken Ham).

The turning point came in 1959, the year Sputnik was launched. Atheistic Russia had beaten the Christian U.S. to be the first to get something into space. Let that sink in. Atheistic, Communist Russia beat us, who believed in God, to getting into space. That changed a lot of ways of thinking. The Evolutionary undermining of the nation on origins was now ripe for its fruit to be born. In 1962, under the heavy influence from Madeline Murrey O’Hare, the Supreme Court voted to remove God and prayer from the public classroom. How did that happen? Look at the history. Gradual influences of Evolution and compromise and our best men being unable or unwilling to stand upon the authority of Scripture showed the nation that the Bible could no longer be trusted on all matters. And Sputnik was the clincher. The U.S. needed to abandon God and focus on science to be able to beat the Russians. We did beat them to the moon 10 years later, but the damage had been done. The U.S. rejected God as Creator, and even before we got to the moon, the rejection of God as the light of our conscience fell too.

The 1960s didn’t merely see the protests from Vietnam. The Hippie movement, well known for its rebellious attitude against society and its drugs and its worship of nature, was fully underway. “Rock and Roll” with Elvis and the Beatles and others were huge hits, but what where their songs about? Often rebellion against God, living “free from authority,” and the like. This climaxed with the Woodstock Festival, again known for drinking, drugs, and “free sex.” The Sexual Revolution took place during this time which was a direct assault on the nuclear family structure, and marriage was no longer a sacred covenant. This encouraged people to live freely as they wanted, sex before marriage, affairs, easy divorce, and so on.

Right on the heels of the Sexual Revolution came abortion in 1973 with Roe vs. Wade. Since sex became so free, lots of girls started getting pregnant. One of the big influencers on getting abortion legalized was Alfred Kinsey who was a sick pervert and had pedophiles do extensive “research” by timing the number of “orgasms” and their frequency. He is the one whose data was used to justify the homosexual agenda for today (which was falsified but still used) and who helped provide the “science” for abortion. I would NOT recommend looking for details about it unless you have a strong stomach, but there is a documentary about him on YouTube.

When a person or a society rejects God as the Creator, they will soon reject God as the moral standard. When God is not there to worship, they will turn and instead worship the creation. And because they no longer have God as the authority, they turn to those they put in “high education” centers, heaping teachers on themselves who can teach them what they want to hear. Yet while these people proclaim to be wise, they show themselves to be fools. And because they reject God, suppressing the truth not in ignorance but in unrighteousness, God will give them over to what they wanted: a depraved and debased mind. He will let their sinful choices take over and control them. This is just the first phase of the spiral into depravity. Next week, I’ll cover how that depravity takes further shape by showing how our nation is trying to promote and encourage wickedness.

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