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by Chad Koons

Do we expect God to bless America? Our actions have everything to do with His blessing. Many Christians shy away from political involvement, yet if the Godly neglect to use our voice, then we allow the ungodly to call the shots.

“When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan.” Proverbs 29:2.

In the United States of America, you are blessed with the right to a voice, a vote. You also have the right to influence others around you regarding that vote. Use that vote wisely.

Party over candidate
Don’t like Biden? Don’t like Trump? Here’s something to remember: you are voting for the policies of a party perhaps more so than the candidate himself. The president is not the single “righteous” or “wicked” factor that you need to be concerned with. The party behind them is. No president runs alone; they are the representative of the party to which they belong. Look at the party. What do you see within it? Do you see overall righteousness or wickedness from that party?

Look at the policies of the party. Look closely at the trajectory of their policy. Where is it heading? Is it growing more progressive or more conservative? Who are the upcoming movers and shakers within the party, and what are they pushing for? Your vote will support the party’s trajectory and shape our future.

What to avoid
In choosing your vote, perhaps the worst thing you can do is vote for the candidate whom you personally “like” the best. Charm, eloquence, and stature are often very deceptive. Remember King Saul. He seemed to be the best suited for the position, yet he brought much grief. Some of the most magnetic, quick witted, and charismatic people are trojan horses for wicked policies.

Equally as wrong is voting for a candidate based upon their skin color. We call this racism. Let me say it louder for those in the back: this is called racism. To vote for a candidate because they are white is wrong. To vote for a candidate because they are black is wrong. To vote based on ethnicity is wrong.

What to look for
How does a party’s current and projected policies line up Biblically? Look at where the parties stand on issues important to Christians such as abortion, religious freedom, Israel and the Middle East, LGBT position, and the Constitution, just to name a few. Again, when held against the Word of God, do the policies reveal righteousness or wickedness from that party? A tree is known by its fruit.

What makes the people rejoice? Greater freedoms. High value placed on life. A prosperous economy. Policies that promote Godly values. This is what happens when the righteous are in authority.

What makes the people groan? The restriction of freedoms. Varying values placed on lives. A depressed economy. Policies that promote ungodliness. This is what happens when the wicked are in authority.

Bottom line
Our vote MUST align with the commandments of God as found in the Bible. We need to realize that our “feelings” have nothing to do with it. If our vote supports a party that pushes ungodly policy, then we need to repent and get back on track. I mean that with all sincerity; it’s time to get right before God and support what He supports and condemn what He condemns. The time is short. If God blesses our nation, it comes with our repentance first.

IF my people who are called by my name…
1. humble themselves
2. pray
3. seek my face
4. turn from their wicked ways
Then I will…
1. hear from heaven
2. forgive their sin
3. heal their land
(2 Chronicles 7:14)

The only hope for America is Jesus, through the voices and actions of a Godly, praying, and repentant people. Make no mistake about it, your vote is supportive of the party that you are voting for. Will your vote align with the Word of God? As a Christian, there can be no other way.

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We need God in America again.

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Good word, thanks

Annette said...

Amen my brother I stand 100% with you on this one. We must choose whats going to be the truth for the country according to God's word. God bless you