Till We Meet Again

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Wednesday, June 10, 2020 0 comments

by Jason DeZurik

If you follow the ministry of Worldview Warriors at all, you know that I and the ministry greatly believe in discipleship. The importance of sinking one’s life into a few people, especially for the Kingdom of God, cannot be dismissed. The impact it has, not only on the person being discipled but for God’s Kingdom as a whole, cannot be overlooked. Jesus Christ did it and so should His followers.

One aspect of discipleship that I have never really considered, or perhaps I just have ignored most of my life, is the sad reality that as time moves on, those who have discipled others will move on to get their reward in heaven, leaving those they have discipled to live out what they have learned from them on earth. This past week for me has been an emotional roller coaster. My wife and I, after just talking about how it seems God is bringing certain people into my life to disciple, started talking about one of my disciplers and how he impacted my life to follow God and His ways. We found out the next day that he had passed on from this life into the next.

While there were times this man and I would have some very hard discussions about how things were and how things should be, he always challenged me with truth and in love. Always. I can tell you for certain that his influence in my life is a huge reason why I am always pursuing and challenging people to find the truth. His patience with me always amazed me. There were times I know I was way overbearing and didn’t listen, but he took time for me and would always listen and then usually ask me a question to ponder to challenge what I believed and “knew for certain” was reality. Most of the time after praying and considering his question, I would come to realize that perhaps things weren’t as black and white as I thought they were and that there really might be another way to see things. One thing I love about this man is that when he would discuss things with me, he never compromised the Word of God. Never. He was an outside of the box thinker that has helped me become the man that I am today.

One specific thing he really helped me to see and understand better is the fact that not everyone has to be or is your best friend. He and I would discuss and talk about how there are levels to a relationship and how most people we call “friends” are really just acquaintances, and that this is okay. We aren’t enemies; we are just at a surface level in our relationship, and that is okay. He challenged me to be wise when trying to go into a deep relationship with people. He taught me so much.

I love him and am saddened to know he is no longer walking on this earth, but I am joyful for him to know He is with His Lord and Savior. I am just filled with joy to know how much I learned from him but that he also considered me worthy of his time, knowledge, and energy. Without Bill Shoemaker, I would not be the man I am today. Thank you so much, sir, for sinking your life into mine. I can only hope to serve Jesus Christ as well as you did while you were here on this earth. It is an honor to not only call you my friend and brother but one of my disciplers as well. Till we meet again, my friend. Well done!!

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