An Unexpected Effect

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Tuesday, June 2, 2020 3 comments

by Chad Koons

What if the world is being positioned to receive something otherwise not possible?

“Covid madness” has swept the world, bringing about all sorts of problems, both real and imagined, and this lockdown has pushed us to our limits. Yet through it all, I have been witnessing an unexpected effect that, depending upon our reaction to it, could possibly change everything.

More on that in a minute. First, please imagine a card game at a round table, where you are seated with several other players. The dealer deals the cards and you have been dealt a fine hand. Everyone is eager to begin the game, when suddenly the room grows dark as a new player steps up to claim his seat. It’s the devil, and he is prepared to challenge you. The game begins. The air becomes thick, suffocating you with the weight of impending doom as the game trudges forward. Cards are discarded and added, faces grow increasingly worried. Finally, the game comes to an end, and it comes time to lay the cards upon the table. The devil slowly leans forward and slides his cards down upon the table. The cards simply read “FEAR.” He cocks his head, bares a sly grin, and begins staring you straight in the eye, maliciously daring you to make your move. You quickly look around to the other players at the table, but each one is frozen, breathing heavily with mouths agape and sweat forming upon their brows. Fear has paralyzed them. You begin to feel the icy chill run your own spine as well. What do you do?

Have you even been frozen by fear? Has it ever dictated your next move?

There is one surprising fact that needs to be remembered regarding fear. Ready? Fear, as it turns out, is not even real. Fear is not an actual thing. (Check out this post for more on that.)

Having no essence in itself, it truly has no power over you. Live your day with or without fear, and the only impacts will be completely self-inflicted. Again, fear is not real.

Fear is a pathological liar, at best. It is an imaginary construct of its father, the devil, the father of lies.

The devil has unleashed a crippling fear upon us, but he was arrogant and too presumptuous. He expected us to cave in and to never recover. He expected us to become collectively weakened, reliant upon the power of man’s answers and less able to have faith in God. We’d be easier prey for him. You know that he’s a hungry, prowling lion, seeking to destroy us. But try as he might, his plan is failing.

Shut down our businesses, our schools, and our churches.
Restrict our travel and quarantine us to our homes.
Pump a never-ending stream of fear into our homes and hearts.
Yet somehow, the fear paralysis is beginning to wear off. We are calling his bluff.
Perhaps surprisingly, we are reawakening as a stronger people than we were before.

An unexpected effect is being seen through this process:
We are realizing what’s really important.
We are re-focusing on our families and loved ones.
We are rediscovering who we are.
We are feeling hope arise within us.
We are strengthening our faith and devotion to the Lord.

People of God: we are positioning for a great awakening!

Give the devil a deck of cards and he’ll overplay his hand every time. His plan is backfiring. The only power he has over you is the power that you’ll give him, and we’ve had enough of it. Although many of us have allowed fear to be more real to us than the actual dangers themselves, our eyes are opening.

All over the world, the Lord is bringing about personal revivals and salvations. I believe that we are on the threshold of something great. The Lord is stirring this season to springboard His Church into greater depth and power. There is a call to move forward, refreshed, with great determination, and to not look back.

Now, what will you do with this unexpected effect? It’s not automatic; we need to participate with it. As for me and my house, we will refuse to fold. We will even refuse the game. We will recognize what the Lord is doing and run with it. Want to talk about a “new normal”? Well, here it is, folks. The Church of the Living God is rising up, taking “fear not” as a command instead of as a nice suggestion. (Go here to see what God has to say about it.) We many never receive another eye-opening opportunity like this again in our lifetime. You have been gifted with this amazing and fresh re-focus. Will you build upon it, or allow it to dwindle away? We are all waiting for you to make your move.

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DJ Hiester said...

Your blog post synopsizes the unprecedented time we live in with deep insight. And although the devil's mission is to create doubt, confusion, and division, he did succeed, if only at first. With massive sickness and tremendous loss of life came rampant doubt and fear, and as misinformation was churned out, fear escalated commensurately. Choosing independent reason and faith in lieu of fear (false evidence appearing real) would have allayed a lot of the bedlam that swept our country. You make a powerful point in saying "The only power he has over you is the power that you'll GIVE him..." That should be our daily M.O. And your reminder that "fear not" is not a parental suggestion, but an Almighty commandment makes it easy to choose to mentally step up, walk in faith and not in fear. It will be interesting to see how many continue to choose faith over fear going forward.

Jason said...

I love the illustration of the card game. Terrific writing making this visual. The cool part, is that we have been dealt a perfect hand, a royal flush. Due to the finished work of the cross, we have been handed a hand that trumps everything else on the table, everytime. The devil will try and scare us, and yet we have all power over him, and greater is He that is in us than any other hands out there! Many people have this perfect hand, and yet have folded in the past. I refuse to be one of them. I choose to cast out all fear and live in the victorious hand that has been given to me. Hmmm, I could recreate this illustration for the youth.

Mike said...

Sure there was a slight fear right in the beginning for us God showed us that we would be safe and that the sickness would not come near us or our house we have not worried ever since no masks no distancing just living life as normal.