Honor God’s Choice and Grow

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by Jason DeZurik

A hard lesson of the tough narrow path that Jesus Christ speaks of in Matthew 7:13-14 is the lesson of allowing those in leadership positions the honor and freedom to do as they want. Romans 13:1-4 is very clear about who puts who in authority regarding government and that those under that authority are to honor the leadership of said person. How should we handle that when dealing with a leader at work or even when volunteering for something?

If you are interested, I have written on this Romans 13 passage regarding our government here in the USA and how it may apply. Check out this post or this post.

What is clear is that we are to honor God in all we do. If it is true that God is the one who places people into authority positions, then we are to honor that leadership and even their style of leadership. Now, don’t read what I am not writing. I am not saying that at a job you should just do everything exactly how your boss may want you to do something, or to simply fall in line with some volunteer position. No; you have a choice, as does the leader and/or boss. You are not a slave at your job or at some volunteer position. You have a choice, as does the leader. If you don’t like how something is being run or you feel as if your gifts and talents aren’t being fully utilized someplace, you can honor the current leadership by keeping your mouth shut and moving on to some other place. In fact, God may be allowing this to happen in your life because he wants to not only teach you something but perhaps the leader and those under the current leadership as well.

Don’t take offense or undermine the person in leadership. Perhaps bite your lip, keep your mouth shut, and allow them to learn and grow without you being there, while you grow, learn, and mature throughout the process of life too. It can be very difficult, but the tough narrow path is not the easy wide path that Jesus Christ said most people take. The wide path leads to destruction and immaturity.

Keep in mind that you are only responsible for you. You are not responsible for someone learning what you are wanting or hoping they will learn. Only they are responsible for that. So, allow them to make their choices and even mess up! Lovingly be there for them if they need to discuss something. Keep in mind they may not want to learn as quickly as you want them to learn. Remember, this is their journey, not yours.

By leaving a place and honoring the leadership there, you are now allowing them to lead as they please and honoring God’s choice and plan in the process.

Can it be hard for you? It most certainly will be, but that will probably be for your own good in the long run too. If you desire vindication or justice, know that it may not happen in this world. Just stay on the narrow path and grow.

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