The Search for Truth

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by Jason DeZurik

Back in the early to mid-2000s, Worldview Warriors was really nothing more than an idea of a few friends to help the students in their youth ministries have an opportunity to learn what a Biblical worldview was and a place to encourage them to seek out truth. At times, this challenged not only the students who came to these events, but many of the adult leaders that came were challenged and encouraged about their beliefs as well. Much of this stemmed from many youth leaders seeing many youth in their own youth groups struggling not only in their own beliefs but in how to actually stand up and defend absolute truth.

For me, this was something I took on as a personal quest. In the mid-1990s I had made a very pointed decision in my life that I was going to search for and seek out truth and go to absolute truth wherever it would lead me. You see, earlier as a young man, I had chosen my own path and decided not to follow Jesus Christ. What I did not realize at the time when I had made this decision to seek out and search for absolute truth was I was deciding to get to know Jesus Christ more intimately than ever before in my lifetime. You see, in John 14:6 Jesus Christ made the claim the He was the way, the truth, and the life. So, since I had already made the decision to go wherever truth was going to lead me, I had already, in essence, made the decision to search for and seek out Jesus Christ the God-man and His ways. I had chosen that even if I, my fleshly man, didn’t like where truth led, I was going to go down that path because that was truth and I wanted answers. Well, in doing so, I came into a right relationship with Jesus Christ and have chosen to follow Him in all that I do, no matter what, because He is the way, the truth, and the life. You can learn more details about my story in my book.

So many people today say they are looking for answers and want the truth, yet I freely admit that I wonder if this really is the case for some. Why might this be? Well, for me it is because some say they want truth and they do seek and search for it, but when it leads down a path they do not like, or they do not like the answers they are receiving, they seemingly give up the quest and start looking down paths when they like the answers better, even if it leads away from truth. It seems we are living in a time where people would rather trust their feelings more than actual facts that are right in front of them. If you are one of these people, I encourage you greatly to get back on the path of searching and seeking for truth. Now, it might hurt and sting for a little bit, but in the long run you will be ever so glad you got back on the path of truth.

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