Stealing Your “Capital” from God

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Wednesday, June 27, 2018 0 comments

by Jason DeZurik

There is a story that goes something like this. One day, a scientist made the claim that he and his team had figured out how to make human life. So, the scientist approached God Almighty and said, “We have figured out how to make humans and know how you created us.” Intrigued, God listened to the scientist and allowed him to proceed in showing how to make human life. So, the scientist went and got some dirt and came back to God to show Him what they had discovered. After the scientist came into the room, God stood up and said, “Hold on a minute; get your own dirt.”

It seems, at least to me, that we are living in a day and age where people seem to think that they are coming up with more new and fresh ideas, only to find out that the more things change, the more they stay the same. There truly is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9).

I think of myself as a young man, trying to make my way in the world and how much I personally wanted to make my mark. Perhaps you were or are a lot like I was, looking to make something new or figure something out so that it would work, in hopes that you get some credit and glory that is not yours to have. When I have done this, I have come to find only disappoint in the outcome. I was trying to tweak what was already good and right and true.

One thing that comes to my mind is the idea of people these days wanting to make socialism something mainstream and a way of life for all. For many, it seems like they are all about the “getting” but not really about the “giving.” I have even had people tell me that socialism is a biblical concept; to that I would say, “Not exactly.” Many people take me to the book of Acts and say something like, “See, the early church was living out a form of socialism in Acts 2. Everyone who was a Christian was giving things away and sharing them with everyone else.” Well, yes and no. While what they are saying is true, it’s not exactly true in comparing it to socialism. They are in fact stealing their capital from God in order to make this claim. In the book of Acts, people freely gave within their own free will and they were not coerced and certainly were not forced to give everything they had to The Way. See one of my other blog posts relating to this idea here.

While we are called to give and share with others, God is still good with us “owning” things here and to be good stewards of it. Remember, God owns it all though. This is why it is so important for us to know God and His ways and to live them out. In this way, we can truly love God as we are commanded to in 1 John 5:2-4. By knowing God, keeping His commandments, and obeying Him, we can not only love God but love others as well. Instead of taking an idea from God twisting it up and claiming His “capital” as our own, we can not only save ourselves a ton of heartache but save others a load of heartache as well.

What are some ways in your own life that you might be stealing capital from God and you might not even realize it? How can you right this wrong?

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