Just One

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by Ami Samuels

This message isn’t an easy one, and you might say it cuts right to the core of the matter.

I was reading in Genesis 3 about the introduction of sin into our world. Adam and Eve had been instructed that they could eat from any tree in the garden except from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

This chapter tells how the serpent tempted Eve into eating from the tree. It goes on to say that Eve ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and that she gave some to Adam. They immediately realized they were naked and made coverings for themselves, and hid from God.

Isn’t that how we find ourselves so easily ensnared in sin?
“It’s just one drink.”
“It’s just one time.”
“It’s just one look.”

Casting Crowns has a song called “Slow Fade,” and part of the lyrics go like this:
It’s a slow fade when you give yourself away
When black and white turns to gray
And thoughts invade
Choices are made
A price will be paid when you give yourself away
People never crumble in a day
It’s a slow fade

Sin is a slippery slope. We may think we can handle it, that we have sure footing, and then one slip and we have fallen deeper than we ever could have imagined

Sin separates us from God, but there is HOPE! God provided a way out for us through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for our sin, if we repent of that sin.

Repenting isn’t merely saying, “I’m sorry.” True repentance is turning away from our sin, closing the door on it, walking away from it, and turning toward God.

I know this is a heavy topic. I share it because many people are suffering in silence, swallowed up by sin that is destroying them from the inside out. It’s not just that they can’t admit it to others; the first step is admitting our sin to ourselves and repenting.

If these words have spoken to you today, reach out and get help! Instead of living in a life swallowed up in darkness, you can live again, being free from the sin that binds you.

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