Can We Come Together Again?

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Saturday, November 12, 2016 0 comments

by Nathan Buck

Long before the election was over, I heard hopeful people praying and talking about how they hope we as a nation can all live together and recover some sort of unity, especially among followers of Jesus.

The truth is, UNITY is experienced under pressure, forged in sacrifice, and galvanized in pain. What we have seen in our nation and in the Church in the last two years is the true state of our division. The fractures not only appeared under pressure, but they became more pronounced and clear. Everyone has sorted themselves out quite nicely. It is much easier to see who had their own specialized agenda (whether personal, social, cultural, political, racial, economic, financial, humanist, global, religious, or non-religious) ahead of God.

When we one day stand before Him, I can only imagine how many will cringe as He flips through their Facebook post history and the rest of their words spoken, especially considering Matthew 12:36.

We must realize that any motive that comes before our devotion to God will not accomplish what we desire, and it will bring further division and discord. And we must also realize that any appearance of unity when pressure or tension is low is more likely be a mask - hiding the cracks for personal comfort rather than living in true unity.

Read Ephesians 4:1-6. Notice the emphasis on "unity of the Spirit" through the bond of peace? Notice also the emphasis on "one-ness." Paul, the writer of this letter to the Ephesians, is reminding the early church that Jesus is not divided against himself, and He is not confused about what is good or right. Therefore, Jesus' Spirit (the Holy Spirit) is likewise not confused or divided. Unity is already present in Jesus and through His Spirit. So, why are we divided?

We have not kept the bond of peace. Peace is not the absence of conflict, but it is the willing surrender of self-centered thoughts and agendas for a greater one. If we are not unified, it is because we have our own agendas inserted between us and God, and between each other.

I believe God can bring us together. It will take a shift the western 'popular' church is not willing to make. It will be painful, and we will find that there are many who enjoy the moralism of 'cultural' Christianity more than Jesus. The religious 'pick and choose' menu of cultural Christianity is really just humanism with religious clothing on. It is not Jesus, no matter how much "theologizing" people do to try and make Him fit. There has to be an intentional surrender of our religious comforts and selective obedience.

When we are dedicated to Him, His unity is already present by His Spirit, and we live it out through the bond of peace. This is possible for followers of Jesus. It is possible for our nation as well. But it will require a surrender of our masks and our agendas, a dedication to Truth, and a recognition that God is who we trust. Apart from that shift occurring, any signs of peace or unity will be window dressing.

So, what about you? What is coming between you and God, and you and others? Do you want unity and peace? Or more of what we experienced through the elections? Will you work for true peace to gain true unity through Jesus?

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