Be Thankful

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Sunday, November 13, 2016 0 comments

by Ami Samuels

As Thanksgiving approaches, I had this thought: why are we so quick to call and complain when we are frustrated or angry with poor service, but when people go out of their way to help or they do something nice, we often forget or neglect to make that phone call or send a note?

My sister and one of her employees went above and beyond to help a customer receive their passports in time for their upcoming trip. The client needed to expedite the process. The proper paperwork was filed, and fees were paid and sent. However, there was an unforeseen issue with the process. Through numerous phone calls and faxing more paperwork, her office was able to ensure that the passports came in before the customer was leaving the country.

They went above and beyond to make sure the passports came in on time. They could have called the client and said I’m sorry but there is no way we can get the passports in time, which was what the office they were dealing with was telling them. Instead they went the extra mile, making the extra phone calls, talking to the right people, and faxing more information.

A few days later my sister received an e-mail from the client, thanking her and her office for everything they had done to help her. She mentioned that without their help their trip would have been ruined. That note of encouragement meant so much to my sister and her employees.

As Americans, we are so blessed. This Thanksgiving, let’s take some time to think about our blessings and be grateful for what we have and show our gratitude to those around us. I would like to encourage us to make those phone calls and send those e-mails and thank you notes when people do a good job and go above and beyond to help us.

I would like to ask you to go a step further and not only tell the person thank you, but go above them and tell their boss, too.

And be thankful.

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