What Does the Cross Mean to You?

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by Ami Samuels

Recently I was flipping through an old notebook and I found a drawing I had done. The picture was of a cross that was large enough to write inside of it. On the cross I had written words describing what the cross means to me.

Here is what was written on the cross:

He Gave All to offer a free gift for all
Conquered the Grave
Overcame the World
Sinless for Sinners
Shed Blood
Ultimate Gift
Father’s Love
The very last entry read
The battle is won.

At the bottom of my drawing I had written, “What does the cross mean to you?”

I would like to encourage you to create your own illustration of the cross, and write on it what the cross means to you. I even took colored pencils and added some color. Take my idea and run with it. See where your thoughts and creativity lead you.

Maybe you are thinking that you’re not very good at drawing. That’s ok, because this is just for you. It is more about the reflection of what the cross means to you rather than a perfectly illustrated picture. No one else has to see it, so don’t worry about how it looks. Believe me, I am no artist, but I do like to doodle and draw from time to time.

Take a few minutes and reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice for us on the cross and ask yourself
What does the cross mean to you?

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