Taking Things into Your Own Hands?

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Saturday, October 8, 2016 0 comments

by Nathan Buck

We've probably all heard the expression, or even said it ourselves at times, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” While this expression sounds good in a “take charge” and “git 'er done” sort of way, it also exposes unhealthy reliance on yourself, strong independence, and a judgmental attitude.

Why am I tearing apart a seemingly harmless saying? Because it isn't harmless. It will bring division, alone-ness, and possibly destruction to whomever wields it seriously. Everyone who chooses to charge ahead and take things into their own hands is at risk of their own downfall.

Read Judges 9:22-29 and pay particular attention to what the passage says God was doing versus what Gaal was doing.

Abimelech and the city of Shechem are about to get their reward for the bloodshed, deception, and evil they had done in their hostile takeover of leadership. God sent and permitted an evil spirit between them to begin the judgement on them. Just as things start heating up, Gaal steps into the mix. Gaal not only ridicules Abimelech but calls for allies to take Abimelech down.

It wasn't necessary, because God was already doing it. Initially we might ask, “Why did God let Gaal be killed by Abimelech, instead of just using him to judge Abimelech?” We do not know Gaal's motives, but we do know the ambition for action was his own. God did not call him to it, and God knew what motives were behind it. Gaal didn't wait for God's plan; he took things into his own hands and paid a price he didn't expect.

Every day we face the choice to seek or wait for God's plans. Every day we choose to trust Him, or be tempted to take things into our own hands. This passage is just one of many examples where those who rely on themselves come to an unexpected negative outcome or end. We must remember that even noble actions, done outside of God's will or timing, can have destructive consequences. We must also remember that God is NOT slow in keeping His promises. He will keep them in the timing that is the best.

In a few weeks we will be tested in this very notion, as a nation. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you must wrestle out your motives and why your vote will be cast the way it is. If there is any part of you tempted to take this in the direction YOU think is best, without being certain it is God's direction, then you need to pull back and spend time in prayer. We dare not make a cautious choice if God is bringing judgement, and we dare not make a harsh choice if God is choosing mercy. We also dare not make no choice, since God has called us to influence our culture, and we dare not make a default or flippant choice to somehow fulfill an obligation to vote and deny responsibility for the results.

I invite you to fast and pray for the direction God is leading our nation. Then vote with confidence in His plan for the years ahead, instead of trying to make it turn out the way you think it should. Our vote, as believers, may not be about the candidates themselves as much as the direction God is taking us to bring about His plan. If we vote with our own motives or do this for ourselves, I guarantee it will not be done “right.”

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