The Gift of Self-Governance

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by Jason DeZurik

The United States: A Unique Endeavor

As I continue on in this series I want to encourage you to dig deeper on your own and understand the great responsibility that God has given to We The People in the USA. We have the responsibility to govern (self-govern) and to make sure we are electing people of good character and integrity to offices that are meant to serve we the people. Even more importantly, I would encourage all believers in Jesus Christ to highly consider, through seeking the Lord’s will in prayer, voting for men and women who are followers of Almighty God and understand the importance of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, of which I will write on a bit later.

In Romans 13, Paul tells us that subjects in a society are to submit to the governing authorities, and that the governing authorities are put in place by God Himself. If you’ve read my previous posts on this text (here and here) and looked at it in light of our form of government in the United States of America, you know that the definition of terms is very important.

We The People = Governing Authorities
Elected officials and those who work for them = Subjects

With this in mind, let’s take a look at one of the earliest written documents helping our country to establish God as the one in charge as scripture states in Romans 13. I will not go into the history of those who put the Mayflower Compact together but suffice it to say, it is very important history to study on our own.

Here is a link to the words of the Mayflower Compact, written in 1620. Please notice in this document that their journey was, “for the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith.” These people understood that God Almighty was in charge of it all. As Logan Ames, another blogger for Worldview Warriors, put it, “God’s the Boss.

You and I have been given an incredible responsibility with the gift of self-governance. This is just one very important reason we need to hear God’s voice and obey His leading, first on an individual level and then on a larger scale and people. Check out this link regarding self-government.

Please understand that I am not trying to force anyone to do anything. All I am attempting to do with this series is hopefully get people to ponder and think on these writings and then hopefully act.

Are you willing to actually act?

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