One of the Simplest Blog Posts Ever

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Saturday, October 31, 2015 0 comments

by Nathan Buck

It's election time, and the campaign mudslinging is in full effect. Candidates are debating the values and plans of one another, and many are soaking up every report, update, posting, and carefully edited and slanted video.

I have noticed that this kind of behavior is rampant in our culture. People will wait till they have a "green light" to criticize someone else. All it takes is for someone to say something negative about someone else, and then the floodgates open. The president, senators, representatives, even our spouses and friends are all fair game. Oh, and so is the person on Facebook, who says something we don't like but can't avoid. It's sad really how flippant we are as a culture.

Is this healthy for us and for those around us? What does God think of all this chatter and character assassination? Read Romans 13:1-7.

My blog post this week is simply going to ask:
- Are you talking about or rebelling against others in what you are saying or doing?
- Are you praying for those you are criticizing, and with a hope for their growth and success?
- Do those in authority get your support, or your resistance?

What would our relationships look like, and how might our influence in society change, if we did what's written in this passage?

When we withhold love, honor, respect, and submission from those in authority, we contribute to the mess we tend to blame them for.

What is one specific step you can take to start unraveling the rebellious nature of our society?

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