Radical Ministries

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Wednesday, March 19, 2014 0 comments

We were almost halfway through the week and I was still conflicted about where I was going to be attending church on Sunday. Trinity was friendly but I really did not feel the Spirit of God calling me there. One of my dilemmas was that Bible 101 shuttled people to church on Sunday mornings but it was so far away that I did not want to spend half of my Sunday off campus when I could be studying or doing homework. Fortunately, there were many campus ministries around, maybe one of them had a solution?

I had just been attending a study hall session (as was required for all athletes) and I happened to come across a flier that read, “Radical Ministries: Food, Friends, and Fellowship with our Lord.” It met multiple times a week and there was a meeting tonight! I decided that after I was finished with class and practice I would stop down and check it out.

Later that night, while I was half exhausted and ready to fill my stomach, I decided to stop by Radical instead. One of the neat things about this place was that it had its own building. The meeting was set to start at 7pm and I arrived at 6:45. I walked in to discover that this building doubled as an art gallery. It was definitely something I did not expect, but it was an interesting twist. I could smell coffee brewing in the back.

“Hello!” I called out. I did not immediately see anyone. A thin gentleman with a mustache poked his head out around the corner.

“O, hey, you’re early. You must be new around here. I’m Pastor Doug, the campus minister.”

“Cool, I’m Ryan, it’s good to meet you.”

“Come in, come in, don’t be shy. Hey would you mind helping me carry a few things over to the table?”

This building was bigger than what it looked from the outside. The back of it was a kitchen and a small living area with a TV. As we neared the back I smelled more than just coffee, there was also food!

“I hope you like German food. That’s our theme for tonight.”

Inside the kitchen waiting for us were plates of sausage, cabbage, and cream puffs. It looked and smelled incredible.

“I don’t know that I have ever had authentic German food before, but this looks good to me!”

“Great. This will be a good night.”

Thus far Radical Ministries is looking, well, radical! What does God have in store for Ryan through this ministry? Find out next time as he becomes familiar with the radical crowd.