Another Week

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Wednesday, March 5, 2014 0 comments

It is ironic that I was a wrestler because wrestling was not just a sport I participated in, it was my spiritual state. So many questions and so little time to seek answers, how can I determine what I believe when everyone is constantly trying to spoon feed me their own beliefs?! After the first week of class, maybe I will be able to manage my time better so that I can figure out how to examine these questions this week.

This week was quite a bit more mundane: two-a-days were pretty much the same. I took my beatings, got back up and did it again the next day. Classes were a little more tame, at least in Derkins class. He didn’t seem to talk about creationism at all this week. Instead he was telling us about his favorite micro-organisms and telling us what makes them so fascinating. Bible 101, still going through Romans 12, but we only meet once a week, so it will take us a while to make it through verse by verse.

With all of the everyday busyness, I was glad that I had the internet to give me some sort of a social life. After chatting with some friends on AIM, I remembered my questions. I searched for information on “science and the bible” and my search results brought up a brand new book called ID and ME. I read the summary and saw that the guy who wrote it was a big-time journalist who had converted to Christianity from atheism and was presenting the evidence that aided him in his conversion.

Derkins had told us before that faith and science were incompatible. What I was learning from this summary was that there are scientists that believe in God and they believe they have science that proves his existence. The topics seemed enormous though: The Big Bang, the Anthropic Principle, Irreducible Complexity, the Cambrian Explosion, and many others. I decided I was going to order this book, because it might prove to be an effective weapon in dissuading people from Derkins’ intellectual onslaught on faith.

As I was learning more about this book, I received a message from MGN1985: “Hi.”

Who could this be? Ought of curiosity I responded: “Hi…do I know u?”

“lol, sry I got ur sn from 1 of ur teammates. This is megan.”

“O, ic, sup?”

It’s easier to play it cool on the internet, I was actually really excited to hear from her.

“nothin wanna get icecream?”

Well of course I did! “Sure, when?”

“Be downstairs in 5 min.”

“No prob.”